Meet Our Trainers

Meet Our Expert Care Trainers

The Training Matters team has evolved to a highly skilled and experienced group. Together they deliver theory, practical subjects and assess candidates every step of the way.

All our trainers have prior experience as Helping Hands Carers; in fact the team has over thirty years of care experience between them. This is the team that you’ll meet during your induction week, and for any subsequent training courses.

Julie Mills

My first experience of care was when my grandmother went into a residential home. After spending time with her on my visits, meeting the staff and seeing how they cared for her and the other residents, I knew that it was a profession I wanted to join. At the time I couldn’t follow that path due to my life’s other commitments, but when I returned to work after taking six years out to bring up my children, I was finally able get into the care sector.

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Jayne Vale

When I started in care, I honestly didn’t think it would be the career for me. I was working in a job I didn’t like and thought I would give it a try. Looking back, I wish had started working in care years ago; now I make a difference in peoples’ lives. As a Carer the best you can give someone is time and compassion, but don’t feel sorry for them. We offer a service that improves peoples’ lives and this gives me great job satisfaction.

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