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We take great pride in the difference that our fabulous carers make to our customers and their families lives, every day. We know this because our  families tell us, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to share these comments with you.

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“I noticed yesterday and increasingly recently the carers have mentioned how well Mum has stood and walked. I would like to thank all the Carers from Helping Hands for helping with encouraging Mum to walk, especially the two Charlottes, but really all of them are helping with this, and their genuine pleasure when Mum does walk or stand well comes across in their write-ups, sometimes underlined/bolded/or starred for the reader! This I think is excellent and really makes me confident that Mum is having the best care possible.Please can you pass on my thanks to all your team for all their efforts and care taken with Mum. It’s very much appreciated.”

Thanks & Regards,

June 2015


I just wanted to get in touch with some feedback in regard to Debbie. Honestly, I don’t know where to start – she is absolutely incredible! Right from the start we were all nervous about how someone living-in would work. Even after a couple of days, Debbie has started to feel like part of the family. Gillie, our mum, has taken to her really well – Debbie’s genuine interest in Gillie’s wellbeing threads through everything she does – whether that’s cooking from absolute fresh for each meal, supporting her with positive affirmative language at each stage of the day, or showing interest in learning as much as she can about her to make her feel comfortable: it’s sincere. She’s so honest with us and has already seen ways to improve the care plans we’d been working with for both our parents.
Debbie seems to picks things up so quickly, and has already achieved things with our mum that we are amazed at. The “family culture” we have here comes naturally to her and she has poured in so much effort already to pick up all the different points from our parents routine. I really could go on and on, but we feel in very safe hands. For the first time in eight months we feel comfortable allowing someone else to take on some responsibility for both our parents. We really hope she’s as happy with us – this really is hundreds of times better than we could have hoped for. – Lauren and Philippa
May 2015
The support of the two excellent carers, Dora Farkas and Maria Erdei, has been most valuable in the last four weeks during which time my mother has not been cared for at home, but in hospital and latterly nursing home. They have not only looked after my father and enabled him to visit, but have done everything possible to help Mother to drink, a sip at a time, before this became impossible. They have been great and have reduced her suffering in a number of ways.
December 2015
We engaged Helping Hands to provide live in care for our mother when our father went into hospital.
From the start they were helpful and responsive. They made sure we had a great carer and kept us up to speed everything. We even had the option to change carer if we wished, but the person they proposed was excellent – caring, responsible, attentive to my mother.

I must also say that helping hands were incredibly thorough when carrying out a care assessment for my mother and then my father. In fact it was due to the care assessment for my father as he was being prepared for discharge that the seriousness of his condition was shown and a proper care arrangement put in place. We felt their diligence probably saved my father’s life.

We cannot thank them enough.

I would recommend them without hesitation based on our experience. AW September 2015

Lorgeta who has been with us for almost a year now is doing an excellent job, she works in a calm and caring professional manner. She has built up a strong relationship with my father and has a clear understanding of his needs and what is expected from herself. She has my full respect as she has had do her job at times in a very challenging environment which a lot of people would have walked away from. She has always put my father’s wellbeing first above anything else. Myself and the other members of the family have built a good relationship up with her and we are completly happy for her to continue in this role looking after our father and we will continue do everything we can to support her.
February 2016
I have to say as an organisation I have been very impressed with the care and attention received right from my first phone call. At every point of contact I have been met with genuine interest and care, and a warmth that is very obvious and totally natural. Aside from the actual care and person to person contact the organisation seems extremely well run and managed with information provided being precise and relevant at just the appropriate times. I would not hesitate to recommend Helping Hands to anyone at all, from every aspect of the provision of live-in care. – Mrs Patricia Goode October 2015
Your customer service was absolutely excellent. Everyone that I spoke to was really knowledgeable and helpful. There was no need to look elsewhere. – Mary Clarke


Stacey has been brilliant and has looked after mum superbly. I am especially grateful to Stacey as mum has been quite ill recently and Stacey has coped marvellously. We are looking forward to her returning after her break. – Marilyn Mitchell


Egons, who has been with us for nearly 9 months was just the right person to come into our family at this time and gave the help and support that we all needed….I am convinced that my father was able to remain at home for a far longer period as a result of this high level of care and the family are all extremely grateful.


I want to tell you how pleased that I, as well as other members of my family, have been with the services provided by Helping Hands and very particularly by your carer, who is looking after my father…we cannot speak highly enough in praise of our carer and the care that she is giving. We very much appreciate you sending her to us and thank you very much.


Our Helping Hands live-in Carer is worth her weight in gold. She has been absolutely marvellous and very flexible coping with some very disturbed nights.  We are very grateful indeed for all her efforts. If you had ten more carers exactly like ours you would be very, very lucky indeed.


What a star Selinah is, she is like a ray of sunshine and has made Lionel one exceptionally happy man at the time in his life when it is so very important. Selinah spends time planning and cooking a well balanced, varied diet, the house is always clean and tidy and she is at ease speaking with the doctor or District Nurse should the need arise. Selinah is in our eyes not as Lionel’s carer but a very much loved member of our family. Our thanks to you all for finding such a treasure.


James, at head office was so helpful; making what was a crisis regarding my mother into a situation that could be resolved taking and helping to take away all the anxietiesthat one experiences in a situation like this. I’m very impressed by how smoothly everything has gone from initial contact to being given start date for carer. Thank you.


I just wanted to say a big “Thank You” for letting us have Jacqueline for a couple of weeks. Before she came, my mother was saying “I don’t want a stranger living in my house” and telling all her friends that she had to have “this carer” to help her cope after a major op. Within 24 hours of Jacqueline arriving, Mum was really happy and by the end of the two weeks there were tears that she would be going. That speaks volumes for Jacqueline because she understood that Mum needed her space but also needed company and someone to help with everyday tasks after her op.


Maggie is really happy with Agnes. She said she is already so in tune with her parents’ needs, particularly her mother. She also said that Agnes is very sensitive to their needs and is flexible in her approach and is cooking them much more exciting food and with lots of variety. Her driving is also excellent and she seems very confident. From Maggie’s point of view she ticks all the boxes!


I first read about Helping Hands in the WI Magazine, WI Life, and the glowing report in there made me think that your organisation was well worth knowing about and I’m glad that my brother, Colin, did get in touch and ask you to help.


Very fast, easy and reassuring process to go through at a very difficult time.


A very helpful team – from start to finish service is efficient and the follow up when carers in place cannot be faulted.


I would like to say how pleased we have been with the placement. Linda is an extremely hard worker and has looked after my parents and their home exceptionally well. She has made a huge contribution to helping my mother settle back at home and regain her confidence and motivation.


Thanks for the truly Helping Hand you have been able to afford me, assisting in resolving a difficult situation which from 6,000 miles away seemed insoluble to me. – Mrs Wendy Carter


Everyone I have ever spoken to in the office, in an emergency situation or not, have always been most helpful. I cannot praise the actual carers highly enough. They were reliable kind and most friendly. They kept mum at home for as long as possible and for that I will be forever grateful.
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