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Why be a carer with Helping Hands?

At Helping Hands, our carers have been making a difference in the lives of other people for nearly 30 years. Alongside our dedicated support team, they’ve been helping those living with various conditions to live independently at home. We’re privileged to have a team of incredible carers who are supporting families across England and Wales. […]

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How does being a carer fit in with my lifestyle?

All of our carers have their own stories to share and a variety of reasons for deciding on a career in care. Many of them tell us how much they enjoy the flexibility of being a carer and how it fits in with their lifestyle. What all of our carers share is the same passion […]

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Supporting a progressive condition

How Jacky is receiving ongoing support for her condition Live-in support works well when a progressive condition necessitates a more permanent level of support. Jacky Smith was an energetic, fit and active police officer when, at 42 years, she was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND). “Initially I had a foot splint and managed to […]

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Providing a safe service

How we provide a safe and efficient service Providing a timely and efficient service is extremely important to our customers and to us. Timing is everything, and especially as many of our customers are completely dependent on their visiting carers to help them out of bed or to wash, eat or take medication. Quite rightly, […]

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Sharing a live-in carer: Helena and June’s story

Best of friends Helena and June live together in Kent and both need different levels of support from a carer. Attracted by the cost savings of sharing a live-in carer, they contacted Helping Hands to see whether we could help them. Today, Stella is providing daily-living assistance for both Helena and June. As their requirements […]

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Mobility aids and home adaptations

All Helping Hands customers’ needs are assessed by us, including any changes needed in the home environment. After all, our homes are our kingdoms and we want to help you keep it that way. It is important that we ensure a safe home and that you have all the equipment needed to maintain independence in […]

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Medical assistance

Nursing-led care plans from Helping Hands carers Helping Hands is proud to be a specialist and leading organisation of live-in care to meet complex care needs. Unlike many live-in care agencies, we employ a passionate nursing team and regional trainers who manage and supervise the medical interventions and medication administration our carers provide. Sometimes called […]

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Emotional well-being

Emotional well-being and dignified care Each individual’s needs and wants are different, and we at Helping Hands fully understand and embrace this. The in-home care that we provide is tailored to each individual, and is second to none. We take the time to get to know our customers and their particular situations. From the first […]

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Changing your support provider

Thinking of changing your care support provider? We often hear from families who are unhappy with the support they receive from their current care provider. Many of them are pleased to discover the many benefits of working with a direct employer like Helping Hands, especially when they used an introductory agency and directly employ their […]

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