5 years on: live-in care specialists Kirsty and Monica share all

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5 years on: live-in care specialists Kirsty and Monica share all

Over the last five years, we’ve welcomed some more talented people to the Helping Hands team. Two of them are Kirsty and Monica, our live-in care managers who support customers and teams of live-in carers in Hertfordshire and Warwickshire.

Monica (left) and Kirsty with their five-year service awards

As live-in care managers, Kirsty and Monica are regularly visiting new and existing customers to arrange the right level of live-in care. They also manage and support all the live-in carers in their counties.

Both Kirsty and Monica have many achievements over their five years with us. Let’s take a look at their journeys.

What inspired your career in care?

Kirsty: “I realised that I couldn’t sell something I wasn’t passionate about. Now, I can say I have job satisfaction every day! My journey with Helping Hands has been exciting, full of new challenges and fulfilling. I feel very proud to be part of the Helping Hands family.”

Monica: “Well, I’ve lived in Warwickshire for over 15 years, and I believe that helping those in need is my vocation in life. Getting older can be a very distressing process, especially for those who value their independence but find themselves relying on others more often. It can be equally upsetting to see this happen to a parent or a loved one when you can’t always be there yourself. The idea of putting a loved one in a retirement home is unthinkable for some, which is where Helping Hands Care can be a blessing.”

Can you tell us a little bit about your experiences before you joined Helping Hands?

Kirsty: “I had a personal experience of care, which has completely changed my perspective on life. A member of my own family received care from a hospice but sadly passed away before we could bring him home. Around the same time, I became an assistant care manager and helped to make sure that both our customers and our carers had all the support they needed at home, before I was promoted to the role I’m in now.”

Monica: “Where do I start? I’ve been involved in care for about 25 years now, and I’ve cared for people with dementia, mental health conditions and physical disabilities. I have worked in residential homes, day care centres and within the local community, and always try and give our customers the same care I’d want for my own family.”

As live-in care managers, what can you say about your teams of carers?

Kirsty: “I am in awe of our carers! Their dedication and professionalism always amazes me. They’re the ones who make sure that we give our customers the best home care support we can.”

Monica: “Our carers are truly amazing. The little things that they do are often the ones that make all the difference! No task is ever too big or too small; whether it’s managing medication or helping a customer fill in a crossword.”

Finally, what has been your most memorable moment in your career?

Kirsty: “Wow, there’s so many to choose! I have seen so many customers who are nervous at first and unsure of having a stranger live with them. I often go back a few weeks later to visit them and I get shown photos of days out, shown art work they created together, get offered cake they baked with their carer. It’s just amazing.”

Monica: “One experience that I’m especially proud of was helping a lady who didn’t like to talk much. She later told me she had cancer but didn’t feel confident in telling anyone, not even her own family. Over time, we built a connection and I supported her when she told her family, which was a difficult and emotional conversation. We also carried on supporting her along with Macmillan’s nurses.”

How to join the Helping Hands team

Do you see yourself helping people in your local community, just like Kirsty and Monica? We’re always looking for new carers to join our team and there are many other career opportunities available too. Full and ongoing training is also available, even if you have never worked in care before.

Search for the latest jobs in your area or get in touch with our team to find out more about working at Helping Hands. Email jobs@helpinghands.co.uk.

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