From carer to trainer: Lisa’s memorable moments at Helping Hands

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From Carer To Trainer: Lisa’s Memorable Moments At Helping Hands

Since 2012, Lisa Barley has developed from a visiting carer to a carer trainer, and is now about to become the regional trainer for Greece. We’d like to celebrate all of Lisa’s hard work throughout the years. Read her story.

Becoming a carer for Helping Hands

Lisa first joined Helping Hands as one of our visiting carers. Just like anyone starting a new role for the first time, Lisa was initially nervous, but thanks to the encouragement from one of our dementia experts, she took her first steps.

“If someone had said to me years ago that I’d be a carer, I’d never have thought it’d be a job I could do,” Lisa says. “I completed the training and never looked back – I love caring for others!”

As a visiting carer, Lisa has had the pleasure of supporting people to live independently within their own homes. “It’s been a lovely experience,” she adds. “It makes me so happy to help make someone else’s life a little easier and, most of all, put a smile back on their face.”

After many years as a carer, Lisa had the chance to share everything she’s learnt by joining our team of carer trainers – a chance she jumped at.

Sharing experiences as a carer trainer

All of our carers and support teams at Helping Hands go through an extensive training programme. This covers everything from personal care and cooking through to safely moving and handling. And all with the guidance of our expert training team.

Being a carer trainer means that Lisa can demonstrate her passion for care and tell wonderful stories about how carers can make a difference in the lives of others each and every day. “I really love my role,” she explains. “What we do as a training team is so important – our carers only pass our training when they are 100% ready.”

“Being promoted to trainer was another proud moment,” Lisa adds. “I have the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and hands-on experience to other new carers.”

Taking carer training to Greece

In her five years with us, Lisa has met people from all walks of life and a host of different countries. Many of our carers have joined us from Greece in the past, which is the next stop on Lisa’s career path.

Having been an integral and much-loved member of our UK training team, Lisa is now taking her skills and expertise across the Mediterranean to become the Regional Trainer for Greece.

“I’m over the moon to become a regional trainer in Greece,” Lisa says enthusiastically. “I love learning about different cultures, so this will help when we are training new carers from all over the world. I’ve been out to Greece twice already this year and thoroughly enjoyed it!”

How to start your journey into care

Can you see yourself working as a carer? We have a growing number of roles available across the country for both live-in carers and visiting carers. We provide full training before you start, support every step of the way and an excellent benefits package.

Search our jobs website to discover the latest vacancies. Find out more about what our training involves or email for more information.

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