An inspiring family story

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An inspiring family story

When you think of family, what is the first image that comes to your mind? They are the ones who inspire you and cheer you on no matter what. For Lisa Clarry, our Head of Home Care (North), one particular member of her family has encouraged her to take up the challenge of a charity skydive.

Taking the plunge

Lisa hopes to raise £1000 for an organisation known as the House of Light Trust, a charity which supports people living with learning disabilities and helps them to build their independence. The organisation offers supported living for people with various needs, and Lisa is full of admiration for the work it does.

“The House of Light depends on fund raising for things like holidays, gardens, outdoor furniture, social activities to enable people with learning disabilities to lead and enjoy a normal life,” Lisa says. “The house itself has regular coffee mornings and crafts fairs etc. to raise money. They also take the residents to the theatre, on away days to the coast and arranges competitions and parties, like an Easter bonnet parade, cupcake making and candle decorating, but all these activities need money raising to enable the residents to have fun and be creative and ultimately lead a full life just like any other person.”

A family story

Lisa has been encouraged to raise funds for The House of Light by her sister, Clare, who has been supported by the House of Light in a number of different ways. She has seen how much of a difference that the support Clare has had in her life and how enthusiastic the support team are:

“The House of Light has given my sister Clare the ability to live with support but independently and she has now become a confident lady living a full life,” Lisa says. “She’s really excited I’m doing this as are the support workers at the corner stone – the house where Clare lives. I’ve been inspired to raise the money because everyone who works there all work so hard to make the residents’ lives the best they can be. You can see when you go there that everyone is smiling and happy; you can sense it’s a happy safe place to live.”

Giving something back

Doing a skydive has been something that Lisa has wanted to do for some time. Naturally, when she found that she could not only raise money for a cause close to her heart and tick something off her bucket list, she felt that it was too good an opportunity to pass by. Though she is not overly nervous at this moment in time, Lisa jokes that she might feel differently when it comes to the actual jump on the 10th of June.

“There’s no better cause than helping my sister,” Lisa adds. “I’ve not really had to do anything too difficult to prepare for it either – I’ve had to sign a medical disclaimer to say that I’m fit and healthy to complete the jump, and I eat fairly healthily as well so no real changes there!”

Having been with us here at Helping Hands for some time, Lisa has seen first-hand how a little extra support can go a long way for a person living with a learning disability. Like the whole Helping Hands family, she cannot help but smile and be proud when she and her team of passionate carers help another person to live the way they want to, in a place where they feel most comfortable.

Show your support

Apart from the support workers’ salaries, the House of Light Trust relies solely on fundraising to maintain their houses. Lisa is proud to be part of the skydive and doing her part to help the Trust continue doing the great work that they do. To show Lisa your support, donate to her page on Just Giving here.

We are with you all the way Lisa. Best of luck!

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