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Taking the plunge for brain injury awareness – Jane’s charity skydive

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Posted on 4th July 2017.

On 9th July, our very own Jane Cashmore will take to the skies above Oxford for a skydive in aid of brain injury awareness charity, Headway. Working at Helping Hands has shown Jane how acquired brain injuries affect people and their families, and how important the right support is.

Giving something back

Jane Cashmore, charity skydiver

Jane will jump in July for charity

Jane has been with Helping Hands for over seven years. After working within our customer service team, Jane now manages our carer services department. During her seven years with us, she has learned a great deal about the effect that brain injuries have on our customers’ daily lives.

Within customer services, Jane spoke to the families of people living with brain injuries. She has heard first-hand how their day-to-day lives have been affected, and the support that they need. Now managing the team which makes sure our carers understand how to provide this high level of support, Jane sees her upcoming skydive as a chance to give something back.

Ready… set… jump!

Hearing how much the right support means to someone with a brain injury has been hugely inspiring for Jane. She will be raising money for Headway, one of the leading brain injury awareness charities in the UK. She hopes that raising awareness and funds will help them to continue their hard work in helping people to retain their independence following a brain injury.

“I’m a bit of a thrill-seeker too and a skydive has been on my bucket list for some time, so combine the two and it’s perfect!” Jane says. “Working with Helping Hands has shown me the daily challenges that our customers with brain injuries face and it is so important that they receive the support they need to live a normal life with their families or carers.”

Jane will be in safe hands as she steps out of the plane. She will be jumping with trained skydiving professionals and will “be following their instructions to the letter,” which is just as well, as she will be accelerating to over 120mph from an altitude of 13,000 feet.

Support after a brain injury

Established in 1979, Headway provides support for people with brain injuries in a number of ways. From befriending services and support for carers through to arranging social groups and activities, Headway has over 125 groups and branches across the UK.

Every 90 seconds, someone is admitted to hospital with a brain injury. Headway is committed to helping everyone affected by a brain injury live an independent life and charity events like Jane’s skydive are essential for helping them continue their amazing work of raising awareness of brain injuries.

Show Jane your support

Jane’s skydive takes place at the Hinton Airfield near Banbury on 9 July. She hopes to raise £300 for Headway and you can donate via her Just Giving page. Good luck Jane!

Find out more about how Helping Hands supports people living with brain injuries.

Sally Tomkotowicz