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Helping Hands blog

Live in Care at University

29 December 2010

Live in Care at University

We recently had the pleasure of conducting a video recording session with Melanie Dawson who is the Senior Registered Nurse Assessor for Helping Hands. The purpose of the video is to tell people about how Live in Care can work for those attending or thinking about attending universities across England and Wales.

Melanie’s role when setting up a care package is to first conduct an initial assessment and identify all the care needs, she will then liaise with the relevant authorities and professionals that are involved in the package of care to ensure that that everything is in order and that everything will run smoothly. She will contact the university in question and liaise with the relevant individuals and departments to ensure that the accommodation is correct, that correct equipment is installed and available to use and that the system of care is the simplest to enable the student to live an independent lifestyle.

If you or someone you know are looking at attending a university with a Live in Carer, you will firstly need a referral to our company. At this point we can help you with the assessment process to look at your care needs and to identify the type of care that you will require. During the process we can help you with liaising with your professionals and the university to ensure that you will have the right rooms and facilities that you require and also that the university that you choose has all the right access and exit points that you will need to go about your business being a student.

The way that Live in Care works when you go to university is that it allows you to live an independent lifestyle with as much choice that can be offered within the university environment. Our Live in Carer will be with you in your rooms providing your personal care and companionship. They will facilitate you going to your lectures ensuring that you have care during the day and provide companionship in the evenings. They will take you out to where you want to go and ensure that you lead as full a university life as you can.

The carer will help to support you at university along with learning needs support. The carer can ensure that you are in the right place at the right time and that you have the facilities and the quiet that you need to continue your studies when you are back in your rooms. They will ensure that your personal care fits around your routine so that you do not miss any lectures and any other exciting things that may happen while you are at university.

Most university campuses have house keeping assistants that ensure that your accommodation works well and they will provide you with all of the attributes to live comfortably in your home. University becomes yours and your carer’s home and the accommodation for the carer will be close to your room so that they ware within calling distance at any time, day or night.

Part of the ongoing service from Helping Hands is that you will be allocated a Care Manager who is responsible for the day to day running of your care package. We try to ensure continuity by providing one carer who will work with you through out your academic year ,taking their holidays when you take holidays to ensure that you don’t have changes and that you have the same person with you from the beginning to the end of the academic year.

Helping Hands has been very successful in providing carers that stay with the student for not only the academic year but for the full three years of their degrees and onwards into their working lives.

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