Meet Jen… our live-in Carer Ambassador

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Meet Jen… our live-in Carer Ambassador


Starting a new career is not always easy, especially if this involves moving to a new town, city, or country. For our new live-in carers, the journey to our training weeks can be hundreds of miles, in some cases even from as far as Australia! It is only natural to feel nervous, however our friendly Carer Ambassador Jennifer Stevenson is always happy to help!

Jen has been with Helping Hands since May 2016, she is responsible for ensuring that new live-in carers have all the support that they need throughout each week with us. From the moment a carer registers their place on one of our training weeks, all the way through to their successful completion, Jen always does her best to answer any questions the carers have. From resolving issues with paperwork to giving advice about where the best place is to eat!

Through being an ambassador for our live-in carers, Jen has met some incredible people and has some memorable stories to share.

“One person who really sticks in my mind was a lady who decided to become a carer because of her son who had had cancer,” Jen says. “He was diagnosed when he was very young and spent a number of years battling it and thankfully survived. She didn’t complain or even say anything negative about the difficult time she had; her attitude was this is what life threw at us but we carried on and we fought and he got better. She really was an inspiration and a pleasure to work with when she was here.”

With a lot happening over the course of the Training Week, Jen does everything she can to reassure the carers and help them achieve their full potential. Based within the Recruitment Team herself, Jen knows that there is a lot for the carers to take on board in a short period of time. Her approachable and friendly nature means that Jen is able to understand what the carer needs and the next steps.

Jen’s hard work has resulted in high praise from her colleague Ursula Jayes, our Head of Carer Recruitment, has worked closely with Jen since she joined Helping Hands and says;

“Jen always has the answer and if she doesn’t, her ‘can do’ attitude means she’ll find the best solution. Many of our carers will be coming to the UK for the first time and it’s a very new experience for them adapting to British culture and embarking on a new career with a new employer. Each new carer will have a different set of questions that are uniquely important to them; they need individual support to feel confident and to make a great start with our customers. Our carers make the difference in our customers’ lives; Jen always makes the difference to our carers on their training & selection week.”

Becoming a live-in carer with Helping Hands begins with a telephone interview, after which you will be invited to our centre of excellence in the beautiful town of Alcester in Warwickshire. You will then have another interview with our friendly Recruitment Team then your training will start, with Jen always there to help you get to where you need to be.

With the dedicated support Jen provides for each of our new live-in carers, both the recruitment process and their training is smooth and straightforward and they can feel as prepared as possible for their first placements. Training weeks run throughout the year, and Jen is there to help on each and every one of them.

Is care your calling? Contact our Recruitment Team via to find out more about what is involved with being a live-in carer.

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