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Meet Melanie Dawson

H.H.Award (13)

Melanie is our incredibly talented, experienced and ‘tour de force’ Head of Clinical Care. Mel is 150% committed to her customers and passionate about ensuring that they get the care they need on their terms.

Mel as she likes to be called has been with Helping Hands for fifteen years. She set up the Clinical Care service and has successfully developed a team of experienced Clinical Nurses that support our many customers nationwide who have complex care needs. She says:

“Many of our customers have complex healthcare needs ranging from Neurological conditions, Parkinson’s, Acquired Brain Injury, Muscular Dystrophy & Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injuries and much more. We are part of the customer’s care circle committed to delivering a quality and safe service, for the benefit of our customers and their family too – people forget that the family are just as important, being able to go back to being a daughter, wife or son is so important and homecare can facilitate that.”

Mel loves her role! She is a real people-person and says that no two days or two customers are the same so every situation is new and challenging. Setting up support for people with clinical needs, who perhaps don’t think it’s possible to live in their own home with the degree of independence and enablement they desire, makes a huge difference. It’s this kind of meaningful impact we are able to create every day as a Clinical Team.

Mel adds: “As Head of Clinical Care at Helping Hands, I have the pleasure of working with a multi-talented team who bring a breadth of experience in clinical intervention. We are able to follow a clear path of developing and supporting our customers with a wide variety of clinical, physical and emotional needs; enabling them to achieve their ultimate aim of living in their own home with choice and dignity.

As Mel rightly acknowledges, admitting that care is needed can be daunting and at times unsettling for families. What our team at Helping Hands do is to take the pressure out of the situation by helping guide families through the process from the initial conversation, all the way to putting together and delivering a bespoke Live-in Care package. We ensure that we perfectly tailor the care to the individual – we have to remember that every human being is different and will require different levels of support and care.

Mel says: “It’s one-to-one service. I truly believe that everyone deserves – and should be entitled to – nursing-led Live-in Care at home regardless of illness, disability or financial circumstance. I have been involved in Helping Hands’ specialised Clinical Care service since its inception, and before that, I was involved with nursing roles for fifteen years. It gives our customers reassurance that the service we provide comes from a basis of real experience and time spent working with thousands of happy customers.”

Melanie is a Registered Nurse and a member of the Nursing & Midwifery Council. She has clinical experience covering a range of fields, including spinal injury, acquired brain injury, Dementia, Cerebral Palsy, behavioural issues, and neurological illness. In her current role as Head of Clinical Care, she assesses and directs clinical care plans, implements medical support, and offers advice to our customers and their families related to specific conditions and treatment pathways.

H.H.Award (23)

Mel has a hand-picked, experienced and trained team including Helen, Jen, Julie and Sam (shown above), Mel states: “We are able to follow a clear path of developing and supporting our customers with a wide variety of clinical, physical and emotional needs; enabling them to achieve their ultimate aim of living in their own home with choice and dignity.”

Our Registered Nurses have a wealth of combined knowledge, professional expertise and community experience across a wide range of clinical conditions. With specialisms across tracheostomy care, ventilator care, complex continence needs and gastrostomy, Helping Hands provides specialist solutions across many progressive neurological conditions as well as acquired brain and spinal injuries.

Mel ensures that she and her team are incredibly hands-on managing the whole care process. Our clinical team perform full face-to-face assessments and handpick carefully matched carers to meet the specific need of each customer. Our clinicians oversee the full training and ongoing support needs and ensure continuity and co-ordination of care through effective carer and customer partnerships.

What really sets the team apart is their passion for delivering outcomes to individuals whose needs were deemed perhaps too difficult to support at home. Working with 59 Clinical Commissioning Groups across the UK, as well as a network of Case Managers and Solicitors, Mel and her team can supply responsive, flexible solutions that deliver maximum choice and independence for and on behalf of the customers we care for, on their terms and to their individual needs.

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