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Today I reacquainted myself with Melanie Dawson the Head of Clinical Care. I’m now under her care, and she has four clinical nurses in her team. She did my original assessment when I first joined Helping Hands 6 years ago. It was time for a care plan review, which is a regular procedure I have with Helping Hands.

My carer and I are fully involved in this care plan review. Penny was also trained in bowel care, which really saves the need to call out the district nurses and then waiting for them to arrive. It’s great to know that I am in a safe pair of hands, and this will be a great help.

Melanie was telling me that she now knows of a few that have MND at a younger age and have had longevity. I was going to say enjoyed longevity but not sure really that’s the case. I’ll be seven years in September. I know someone who’s twelve years. Good care does make all the difference I’m sure. I wasn’t doing at all well before I had a Live-in carer.

Meet our Clinical Care team, and learn about the personal complex care that we provide.

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