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The longevity of love: Pat and Stan’s story

Pat and Stan Milton of Stretford, near Sale in Greater Manchester, have been married 63 years. We caught up with Pat and Stan to find out more about how their magical journey began…

Where our story started…

“We were both invited to a house party in 1953. When I went to the house, the person who opened the door was a girl I’d been going out with, but she told me there and then on the doorstep that we were finished. I went into the house anyway – it wasn’t her house, it was somebody else’s – and there were a number of people there that I knew from school. Most of them had been paired off, so I was left standing there, but then I spotted this young lady who was sitting in a chair across the room. So, I went up to her and said “stand up”, so she did. I sat down and said, “right, you sit on my knee”, so she did. After the party I walked her home, and that was it.

Four years later on 14 September 1957, we got married, and twelve days later I went into the army to do my national service. I couldn’t get home leave – you couldn’t as a national serviceman – so I had to stay in Cyprus.”


Finding our forever home

“When I first came out of the war in 1959, we lived in Pat’s house. We were there for a year until we got a flat – it was essentially a 25-foot long room with got all our clutter in there, so there wasn’t much space.

One evening, a friend of ours came to pick us up for a drink, but we wanted to investigate a house we’d seen advertised. We went to go and look, but the lady of the house said that it had already gone, but there was another house for sale nearby.

So, we stopped outside this house, and I said: “that’s the one”. And we’ve been here ever since: fifty-eight years.

So, I’m the lucky lad around here. I have the best wife on earth, the best son, Peter, and daughter Helen, because they’re magic.”


Overcoming dementia… with love

“Pat was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago, and yes it has had an effect on our lives; but we’re still here together, and we’ll stay that way. We really will.

I always try and make her smile, and I do that by acting the fool. It’s very easy really – because I am a fool! I’ve told her many times, if ever I stop acting the fool, she should have me buried.”

Helping Hands

“Helping Hands bring a lot of smiles to our home. All the people who’ve been here have been terrific, starting with our Sergeant Major [Cherish] and Lucy, and now Cheryl. I think that your firm is very fortunate – it always seems to get the right people. I don’t know how you do it, but you do.”

Here at Helping Hands, we provide specialised dementia care so that you and your loved ones can continue to live happily at home, without any compromise on your usual routines and lifestyle. Whether you’d like someone to pop in for a short visit to help you get ready for the day, or you’d benefit from the peace of mind of a live-in carer which provides you with support night and day, your care plan is built around you and your needs.

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