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Trip around the world with my Carer

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Sri Lanka with my Helping Hands Live-in Carer

Brian Scarffe, a 25 year-old with a passion for travel, has been a Helping Hands customer since October 2015. Living with a C5 complete spinal injury, he was looking for a PA who understood his routine, enabled his independent lifestyle – and who would be able to keep up with him on his 3 month long trip around South East Asia.

Brian, a seasoned traveller, normally gets out of the country once or twice a year, and always with a PA. “It’s just about finding somebody you can be confident in to have the skills to do what you need under difficult circumstances – and someone you know you’ll get on with for that amount of time.”

He arrived in Sri Lanka on the first of February with Raluca, his Helping Hands Carer. An organised and communicative member of our Live-in homecare team, she is more than happy to support Brian as he makes his way through his packed itinerary.

“I’m really excited!” she says. “This is the second time I’ve been in placement with Brian, and we’re getting on really well. I’m not worried about being able to carry out Brian’s support plan while we’re abroad at all – we’re well-prepared and have lots of supplies.”

For Brian, who uses a manual chair to get around, accessibility whilst travelling requires thought and careful planning. “I think you just have to be really flexible,” he explains. “Some countries don’t have much consideration of impairments. But then I have found that in some ways, less developed countries are more accessible because there’s not as much to get in my way.

“The main difficulty is finding accommodation – I need an open wet room rather than a bath/shower unit – but I’ve found that these are more the norm in the countries I’ve visited anyway. And when it comes down to it, I don’t mind being carried, so I know I’m not going to have a problem getting around.”

The support Raluca offers Brian is founded on enablement. With guidance and training from our clinical nursing team, she is able to confidently meet the clinical requirements of a busy daily routine as directed by Brian – which, for the next three months, will involve stops in Kerala, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Beijing. We’ll be hearing more from Brian and Raluca during their travels.

For young adults, long-term care isn’t just about meeting daily living needs; it’s about facilitating an independent, sociable lifestyle and achieving goals. Helping Hands offers a flexible, customer-directed support option that fits seamlessly around your interests and existing schedule. You can find out more about the Live-in Care support available to you by clicking here.

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