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The relationship between music and dementia

There are many different techniques we can use to alleviate the symptoms of dementia which can help ease the challenges faced by someone who is living with the condition, and their family.  The influence of music can work towards ‘unlocking’ memories and reaching parts of the brain which other forms of communication cannot. Simon, a […]

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Jerry’s Big Push: the Great Manchester Run

Over at Helping Hands, we’ve been humbled and inspired by one of our incredible customers, Jerry Ward from Cheshire. Affectionately known as “Fatty” to his family, Jerry sustained a serious spinal injury in 2007, which brought an end to a rewarding career within aviation. After several months of surgery and recovery, Jerry is passionate about […]

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Jerry’s road to recovery

Overcoming obstacles after a spinal cord injury The life of Cheshire-based commercial airline pilot, Jerry Ward, was turned upside down after an accident in the ocean in Mexico left him paralysed from the neck down. With a spinal cord injury, and receiving ongoing home care support, Jerry is determined to continue living life to the […]

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