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Choose Your Care With ‘Tick Care, Pick Care’

Knowing what type or level of care you or a loved one needs can be difficult to judge. We speak to families every day who know they need help at home but are not aware of the types of help available. Families are delighted to hear that home care isn’t just about physical care but also about psychological wellbeing, it’s about feeling happy, safe and fulfilled in your own home.

‘Choose Your Care’ takes just 3 minutes to fill in and will lead you to a suggestion on the type of care and blend of services most suitable for your needs.

Each page contains a quick tick list. Use this as a prompt to think about all the things you’d like to achieve from home care, then tell us about any conditions and how often you might need help.

‘Choose Your Care’ is printable so you can use it in discussion with your loved ones which can be helpful when exploring care options.

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