Clinical Intervention

  • domiciliary care at home
    Ventilated Care
    We provide non-invasive ventilator nursing care and support in the home for those individuals who experience condition-related breathing difficulties, as well as their families.
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  • Catheter, Bowel, Stoma
    Incontinence is more common than you might think – it has been estimated by the NHS that between three and six million people experience urinary incontinence in the UK.
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  • Tracheostomy Care
    Nursing-led tracheostomy care from Helping Hands is designed to enable individuals who have undergone the procedure to manage their tracheostomies at home.
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  • Peg-Gastrostomy Care
    At Helping Hands, we take great pride in being able to offer gastrostomy care to people within their own homes, helping them to lead healthy, happy, independent lives.
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