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Melanie Dawson, Head of Clinical Care

Registered Nurse with the NMC and Registered Manager with the CQC
Melanie has been with Helping Hands for fifteen years as the lead Clinical Nurse. Melanie is proud to be able to set up support for people with clinical needs who wish to remain at home with a degree of independence and enablement.

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Jennifer Robbins, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Registered Nurse with the NMC
Jenny has worked in hospital and community settings including intensive care where she developed her interest in complex care and she has worked closely in the community field with case management of Clinical customers.
Jenny is passionate about providing an individualised, person-centred service that focuses on the needs of the customer.

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Helen Dautrive, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Registered Nurse with the NMC
Helen has a wealth of experience to draw upon, having qualified in 1986 and worked in a variety of nursing roles since then. Helen is always excited to work with people who are committed to care and have a positive attitude, enabling customers to remain at home and connect with their community.

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Karen Hackwood, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Registered Nurse with the NMC
Karen has been registered nurse since 1977 and has worked in diverse settings, including customers’ own homes, residential homes and hospices. Karen firmly believes that if a customer wants to remain at home, then that’s where they should be able to stay.

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Julie May, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Registered Nurse with the NMC
Julie has experienced many different professional settings, including hospice and district nursing, her expertise is focused on making a positive impact on her customers and their families. For Julie, it is fundamental that care remains a choice.

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Amber Read, Clinical Assistant Care Manager

Amber has been with Helping Hands since 2010, she is the team’s dedicated Assistant Care Manager, supporting the Clinical Team to identify the right Carers in order to meet customers’ individual care requirements.
Amber is committed to making a meaningful difference in her customers’ lives by enabling them to remain in their own homes.

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Melanie Dawson, Registered Manager and Head of Clinical Care states:

“As Head of Clinical Care at Helping Hands, I have the pleasure of working with a multi-talented team who bring a breadth of experience in clinical intervention. We are able to follow a clear path of developing and supporting our customers with a wide variety of clinical, physical and emotional needs; enabling them to achieve their ultimate aim of living in their own home with choice and dignity.

I love my role: no two days or two customers are the same so every situation is new and challenging. Setting up support for people with clinical needs, who perhaps don’t think it’s possible to live in their own home with the degree of independence and enablement they desire, makes a huge difference. It’s this kind of meaningful impact we are able to create every day as a clinical team.

Live-in Care at home is bespoke. It’s one-to-one. I truly believe that everyone deserves – and should be entitled to – nursing-led Live-in Care at home; regardless of illness, disability or financial circumstance. I have been involved in Helping Hands specialised Clinical Care service since its inception, and I have worked for Helping Hands in nursing roles for fifteen years.”

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