Support for Deaf People

Care Support For Deaf People

There are many challenges associated with hearing loss. People impacted by severe hearing loss have to adapt to a new lifestyle. Typically associated with repeated exposure to loud noise and ageing, deaf elderly people may require additional support around their homes.

At Helping Hands, we’ve provided home-based support for deaf people for more than 25 years. Through our deaf care services, we aim to provide support for deaf people in the environment they know best – their own home. This way they can continue to live their lives without any disruption to what they’re used to. Family members can still easily come to visit them, and they get to remain around their possessions – many of which hold happy memories.

Our Deaf Support Services

All of our deaf support services are person centred. This means they’re tailored to meet the needs of our customers. We work with professionals from the healthcare industry – GPs, charities, organisations and so on – to deliver a deaf care plan that meets the exact requirements of you or your loved one.

Our deaf support workers move into the homes of their customers to provide medical support. In our 25 years as a quality home care provider, we’ve looked after deaf people affected by other conditions – such as Dementia. We ensure all of our carers are trained to manage medication and administer medication where necessary.

When providing support for deaf people, we know that one form of communication isn’t going to be the best option for all customers. Some use lip reading, others use sign language. We’ll find a method that works for you or your loved one.

Our carers can provide help for the deaf around their homes, but at the same time they won’t take over – they always encourage their customers to get involved if they want to. They can provide help in a number of different ways – from collecting the groceries from the supermarket to doing the washing up.

Helping Hands’ Help For Deaf People

Every one of Helping Hands’ carers goes through a stringent selection process. Only those that meet the high standards we’ve established during the last 25 years get selected to join the team. Having been selected, they’ll receive training at our Centre of Excellence in Alcester. Here, they’ll learn about communicating with deaf people – including lip reading and sign language – as well as how to provide medical support for the deaf.

We ensure that our deaf support workers continue to receive training on a regular basis after they go into the homes of their customers to provide deaf care.

The Next Steps For Deaf Care

We understand that you may have questions regarding how our support for deaf people services work. Our team of care advisors are always on hand to answer any questions you or your loved one might have. They’ll also talk you through each of the steps involved in our deaf care services.

To find out more, contact our team today.

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