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Specialist Dementia Help With the Helping Hands Helpline

Helping Hands is a leading provider of Dementia home support, and we are pleased to offer customers and anyone who has a family member with Dementia; access to our Dementia Helpline. We want to ensure that we give our customers the best care possible and this sometimes means access to expert dementia advice. That’s why we offer our dementia helpline – friendly advice from an expert when you need it.

Tiffany.SmithLed by our Dementia Specialist, Tiffany Smith, the dementia helpline is a direct link to our dementia specialists, and they are on hand to answer any questions you might have about a loved one.

Here you will also find regular tips from Tiffany with some common scenarios.

Common Scenario: Dementia – waking at night

This is one of the most common problems that customers’ families ask us about.

Bob used to wake up every night and walk into the Carer’s bedroom. He wouldn’t say anything until the Carer woke up. When the Carer woke she would be startled, he would shout at her and then leave the room. The Carer would go back to sleep but shortly after he would be stood there again. The same thing would happen again. In the morning the Carer would ask him about the night before and he would tell her she was going mad as he was not up in the night.

To solve the problem the Carer did the following:

When the Carer woke up to find the customer standing next to her bed, the Carer asked him; “Are you alright?” The Carer got out of bed and asked him to sit down as this would enable him to concentrate on why he is there. The customer then asked the Carer for the time and then said he was still tired. The Carer walked him back to bed and stayed with him until he fell asleep. He did get up again in the night and she did the same. The next evening she placed a clock next to his bed, she heard him wake in the night so went to him and showed him the clock, he then turned over in bed and went back to sleep. She did this for three nights. He then stopped waking up during the night.

Key points:

• Looking at your customer’s Dementia, this case showed that he had problems with the time of day

• Sleep can be interrupted by noise, sickness, nightmares, delusions, hallucinations and wet clothing

If you need help please call the Dementia Helpline – 0808 1611 626 or order our FREE 32 page Dementia Care at Home Guide below:

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