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Specialist Dementia Tool Kit

Developed in partnership with Dementia UK - Improving quality of lifeWorking in partnership with Dementia UK we have developed specific resources to help carers engage and orientate those living with dementia at home.  This toolkit is designed around the researched evidence that visual prompts can be more helpful than words alone.

Life Story Work

A rewarding activity that involves looking at the past and present of an individuals life  it can have huge benefits as to understanding  individuals  emotions and engaging with them in a truly person centred way. It doesn’t have to be a book, it could be a box, dvd or collage – as long  as it can evolve it can take any form. Our toolkit  offers a format for collecting information about the different stages of a persons life and ideas as to the kind of thing you might want to include. The best examples we have seen use a variety of materials, photos, pictures from magazines and even objects.

Visual Planners

Visual reminders to reinforce key activities throughout the day can also be helpful , used in conjunction with a simple planner the families with which we consulted  also asked for some blank cards so that they could personalise with their own image.

Carer & Room Cards

A simple sheet for you to collate images of those involved in your circle of support, whether carer, family or GP these visual reminders may help reduce anxiety around appointments or changeover in care. Likewise, clear  flashcards identifying rooms and potential hazards may help with orientation within ones home.

Helping Hands has been caring for people with dementia for over 25 years.  Over that time we have built a huge wealth of knowledge and experience in the condition.

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