Knee and Hip Replacement Aftercare


Specialist Knee and Hip Replacement Aftercare

Knee and hip replacement operations are extremely common in the UK. Though relatively short procedures, the time involved in the knee and hip replacement recovery process is significantly longer, with many people requiring lots of physiotherapy to strengthen the joints. Immediately after hip or knee replacement surgery, an individual may struggle to get around or carry out basic tasks around the home. A specific level of care is required.

That’s why at Helping Hands, we provide knee and hip replacement aftercare in the home. We understand the importance of knee operation aftercare and post hip replacement care, and how it can hinder the way you carry out daily tasks in the home.

We’ve provided home-based care for 25 years, and it’s our belief that, with the right level of specialist care, people should be able to recover and recuperate after a hip or knee replacement operation in their own home. This way they can receive the hip replacement aftercare or knee replacement aftercare they need in an environment they know and don’t have to worry about adapting to. And because you are surrounded by people who love and support you at home, you will have all the help you need, potentially reducing the knee and hip replacement recovery time.

With our nursing-led knee and hip replacement aftercare services, we ensure that you or your loved one can focus more on rehabilitation and recuperation.

Hip and Knee Replacement Care From Experienced Carers

During the knee or hip replacement recovery processes, patients often carry out specific exercises to strengthen their joints and help them adapt to the replacement. Our carers can help you or your loved one with these knee and hip replacement exercises. And as frustrating as the rehabilitation process might get, our carers will always offer you friendly support.

Our carers are trained to provide support for people who’ve had hip or knee replacement surgery in a number of ways. We understand how difficult those first few days back home from hospital can be – getting around can prove very challenging. Warm and always full of encouragement, our carers can assist you or your loved with basic mobility around the home – whether it’s moving from room to room, sitting down or standing, they’re always around to help.

Through our hip and knee replacement aftercare services, we can also help individuals with the tasks around the home that might prove challenging immediately after an operation. For example, our carers can help with cleaning the home, cooking meals, hanging the washing out to dry and much more.

The aftercare for hip replacement and knee replacement patients we offer also covers aspects of personal care. Where more sensitive elements, such as washing, bathing and getting dressed, are an issue, our carers can provide their assistance.

A Helping Hands Carer For Post-Op Hip Replacement Care

Every one of the carers we employ to provide knee and post-op hip replacement care go through our rigorous selection process. We only employ those that meet the high standards we’ve established over the past two decades.

As well as providing the medical aspects of knee or hip replacement aftercare, our carers are there just as much to provide companionship. They love nothing more than to chat over a cup of tea and biscuits!

Before assigning our carers to a post-op hip replacement care or knee replacement aftercare customer, we’ll take into account their personality, hobbies, likes and dislikes to find a suitable match. Many of our customers have bonded with their carers, developing long-lasting friendships.

Importance of exercises after hip replacement and knee replacment

We employ carers with experience in physiotherapy and those who have experience working with customers on their hip replacement aftercare regime. Once your operation is complete and you return to the comfort of your own home, this is the point at which you may need extra guidance on which exercises you should be doing regularly. Our carers are there to help motivate you throughout your knee or hip replacement recovery time. And because our carers know how important it is to slowly rehabilitate the joint, they will work with you on exercises that will aid your recovery as much as possible.

Find Out More About Hip and Knee Replacement Aftercare

The decision to take on care after a hip replacement or a knee operation is one that often raises many questions – with concerns surrounding the prospect of inviting a carer into the home. Our live-in care team are available to answer any questions or address any concerns you or your loved one might have. They can provide more information on our hip replacement aftercare programs, as well as our knee replacement aftercare. And they’re always happy to help.

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