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“Helping Hands is dedicated to ensuring high standards of care for everyone they support, including people affected by MS. Their holistic person-centred planning processes ensure that the person with MS, who is planning for live-in care provision, is at the heart of the process every step of the way.”

Jo Scott, Service Development, MS Society.

An award-winning home care agency, Helping Hands provides nursing-led multiple sclerosis care. Our friendly live-in MS carers look to help people affected by the illness live independent lives within their own homes. We’ve provided multiple sclerosis support for many customers over the past two decades.

When delivering our multiple sclerosis home care services, we focus entirely on the customer and their needs. As well as having different medical requirements – there are many forms of MS – people also have different needs, wants and hobbies which are often overlooked.

A Helping Hands MS carer provides more than just medical support – they can also provide their company and friendship. That’s why we look pair our customers with MS support workers who share an enthusiasm in the same kinds of interests, or common likes and dislikes.

Many of our customers have been with their multiple sclerosis support worker for a number of years.

Helping Hands’ Multiple Sclerosis Support

MS is a life-changing illness. But it doesn’t mark the end of independence. We know opting for MS care is a difficult choice. However, it isn’t one you have to go through alone. Our team of friendly care advisors are there to talk you through every element of the MS care delivered by our trained support workers.

Home care can be tailored specifically to the needs of you or a loved one. Our multiple sclerosis home care services are built around not only your condition, but your future aspirations, and your interests and hobbies. When providing home care for multiple sclerosis patients, our support workers will work closely with those affected, their loved ones and healthcare professionals, to allow people to enjoy full control over their lives, and live comfortably with their conditions.

We’re committed to consistency in delivering MS care. This means you can feel safe in the knowledge that there won’t be numerous MS carers coming into the home. Our carers provide continuous live-in multiple sclerosis help and support on an on-going basis.

Who We’ve Helped With Our Home Care For Multiple Sclerosis Customers

Steve has been affected by multiple sclerosis for a number of years. As his condition has developed, it’s impacted his mobility, leaving him needing a wheel chair on a full-time basis, and a greater amount of MS care and support. Although his condition is deteriorating, Steve felt it was important that he remained in his own home. He called on Helping Hands for MS care.

Our MS carer, Tony, helps to ensure Steve gets the level of help and support that he requires. He understands how important it is for Steve to enjoy an active social life whilst receiving care for multiple sclerosis. Tony contacted Community Links, a company that specialises in providing transport for people with mobility difficulties. Having arranged this transport, Steve and Tony are in the process of planning a holiday in Devon.

Tony states: “It’s so important that Steve continues to do the things he enjoys, and I am here to support him to live his life the way he chooses. Although I help Steve to adapt to his physical limitations, I find it really satisfying seeing Steve still able to do the things he wants to do, able to continue his life at home where he’s happiest, and being there to step in straight away when he needs me.”

MS Respite Care

If you care for a loved one who has multiple sclerosis it’s important to remember that you need to take care of yourself too. We know that caring for someone with MS requires a lot of time and attention, especially when managing the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. This is why we provide MS respite care, so that you can take a break whilst your loved one is still given the support they require from an experienced MS carer.

Why Choose Our MS Carers?

Each one of the live-in MS carers employed by Helping Hands is put through our intense selection process. Only those that meet the high standards we’ve established in our 25 years as a home care agency are invited to join our team. They’re trained and experienced in caring for someone with multiple sclerosis.

They also recognise that you or your loved ones have hobbies and routines. And if you need MS care at home it doesn’t necessarily mean that this has to change. We can build our MS care strategies around the lifestyles of our customers. Our carers sit and plan out activities with their customers, and help individuals manage their condition.

In addition to being able to deliver medical support when necessary, our live-in MS care providers can also help with basic household tasks and errands, such as help with getting to doctor’s appointments, or picking up medication. With a can-do attitude and a positive approach to multiple sclerosis home care, they also encourage customers to manage their symptoms.

And, importantly, they’re always around for chat – whether it’s about the weekend’s football results, last night’s TV, or how the family’s getting on.

The Next Steps For MS Support

You don’t have to control multiple sclerosis symptoms on your own. Helping Hands can provide you with multiple sclerosis care in your own home, so that you can continue to live the lifestyle you want.

Contact our friendly care advisors today to find out more about Helping Hands’ multiple sclerosis support services.

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