Palliative Care

Palliative Care

We understand that palliative care may be needed quickly to meet sudden changes in your care requirements. Our nurse-led support can help people returning home from hospital live comfortably within their own environment.

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Flexible Palliative Care to Support Your Needs

Here at Helping Hands, we understand that it can be distressing seeing the impact a terminal illness can have on a loved one. Our carers are here to help you and them.

Having palliative care at home means that your friend or family member can remain in the place that they feel comfortable and surrounded by their memories, with the support of a compassionate carer. Our care is not just about medical assistance – it is also about offering emotional support and companionship during a difficult time.

As well as having a dedicated team of carers all with palliative care expertise, we regularly work alongside hospices & support groups, continuing healthcare teams, and District Nurses to make sure that your loved one can live in comfort and with dignity during their final months.

With one carer who completely understands what matters most to them, you can rest assured knowing that someone who respects and understands what your loved one is experiencing will be there to help them at all times. As a family-owned company, we have both the expertise and the empathy to provide the most effective support possible.

Contact our supportive and compassionate care team today to find out more about arranging palliative care for your loved one.

Palliative Care at Home – A Case Study

In January 2015, we were approached by a CHC team to provide palliative care at home to a gentleman who had a brain tumour. The gentleman, who had a prognosis of two weeks, required 24-hour live-in care to remain at home. After conducting an immediate telephone assessment to determine the gentleman’s needs, we advised a cost for NHS approval.

The assessment, which established the gentleman’s physical care needs and personal interests, was presented to an experienced live-in carer assigned to the case. Responsible for all of the gentleman’s needs, the carer worked closely with district nurses to monitor the gentleman’s personal wellbeing. Working alongside his CHC team, Helping Hands supported the gentleman and his family until he passed away peacefully in his home surrounded by loved ones.

Who we’ve helped

Helping Hands – the Clue is in the Name

I really cannot say enough positive things about Helping Hands. Our situation was that my mother was living on her own and was an hour or more from any of her 3 sons. She had worsening dementia and the day care we had in place was not equipped to cover the nights. Helping Hands was recommended to me by a Dementia Nurse and very quickly things started falling in to place.

The whole team was engaged in the process from start to finish and I never felt that I was talking to anyone other than professionals, and yet it was done with an empathy which was greatly appreciated. Our Regional Manager, supported by a great team “backstage”, came to meet with my brother and I along with my mother, and we were very quickly happy to let Helping Hands take the lead.

Mum’s needs were expertly assessed without coming across as intrusive. We were also invited to provide our thoughts as to the sort of person who would get on best with Mum, the village environment and the friends with whom she would become acquainted. It was suggested to us that a new recruit to Helping Hands would be ideal for Mum’s needs. We were given the opportunity to have a call with this member of staff (a mini “getting to know” if you will) and we felt there was a good fit.

This member of staff was with Mum for only 3 months in the end because it sadly became apparent that my Mother needed to go in to a home near to my family in Hampshire. However, I have to say I don’t know where we would have been over these 3 months without their dedication and support of my mother. Despite Mum now moved to a home I have absolutely no doubt that on this member of staff’s “watch” Mum had a great time and seemingly (imagined or otherwise) her “decline” seemed to have slowed. We would often call to speak to Mum and simply had to bail out because Mum and them were giggling too much.

Unfortunately, again on their watch, my mother’s dog had to be put down and then only a few weeks on she had a mini-stroke. In both situations they were on her own and managed wonderfully. Not what they signed up for I am sure but we are so grateful.

Thanks to all involved in my mother’s care

With best wishes
Andy Rowley and Family, 2015.

Palliative Care Guide

We have created a guide to provide you with the facts about palliative care, the funding support that’s available, and the different types of palliative care services in the UK.


If you, or a member of your CHC team, have a fast-track palliative care case that requires a rapid response, please contact a member of our team on: 0808 180 1086.

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