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What does it mean to be a carer?
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Being a carer has its pros, it’s rewarding and you truly make a difference in people’s lives. On the other hand, it can be demanding but being a carer is truly the most fulfilling thing you’ll do. At Helping Hands, we have thousands of compassionate carers that look after our customers across England and Wales.


Career progression in the care sector

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As well as superlative standards of care, Helping Hands are well-known for supporting our carers to realise their ambitions and progress their careers. Many of our existing private carers have gone on to become branch managers, area managers, and trainers

Typical carer interview questions

When you apply to become a private carer with Helping Hands you can expect to be asked a range of carer interview questions, so that we can determine whether you have the natural qualities of compassion and kindness that we are looking for.

Here you will find some examples of what you may be asked during the recruitment process, and information we may expect in your answers.

What is good motivation to work in care?

When you’re asked what motivates you to work in care you may just naturally have a desire to look after other people. Perhaps you don’t have a particular reason, but you’ve always known in your heart that caring for other people is what you want to do.

Regardless of how you approach working in care, you will definitely have a passion for making a difference to people in need, by supporting our customers to remain as independent as possible in the homes they love.



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