Interview with a Live-in Carer

Live-in Carer Interview

When carers come to the training week they often ask what to expect – it’s natural to get an idea of what the week is going to be about. The first day of the training week is all about interviews; getting to know you, your personality, your experience, what makes you tick.


Here’s an example of a great interview with one of our male carers, Michael. Reading his journey will give you an idea of the sort of questions we will be asking. Don’t worry, it’s not daunting at all. The Training team are great and there to help you through every step.

Let’s take a look at what Michael told us about himself.

Tell us about yourself.

I am a 44 year old male called Michael (normally Mike unless I am getting told off!), I have two beautiful daughters — Becky and Alice and I am married to my wife Claire. We all live in Spain and have done for over a decade, Claire’s mother also lives with us.

We moved to Spain to enhance our lives and give our daughters a better, safer and healthier lifestyle. Before this, I was in the computer industry having passed my IT degree back in my twenties in Portsmouth.

The house we have is an ongoing project and I enjoy the work and the undertaking of the DIY. We have a lot of land with the house and I am often found with my IPod plugged in working outside, not so much with gardening, as we have a field of weeds more than flowers! We have two dogs and more cats than you can count.

I love the role as a husband and father — I am a family man at heart and enjoy nothing more than family time. I am a proud father as I have two wonderful daughters who have excelled in Spanish (I have not!).

I would consider myself a kind and thoughtful man, who tends to put other people before myself. I guess I am just a well-rounded individual who enjoys life, I value the good things in life such as family and the security of those I love and I strive to support my loved ones as I am a hard worker but I don’t try to take life too seriously. I like to think I look on the bright side of things and enjoy the company of like minded people, however having been through hard times with my wife’s health throughout our marriage I have also become very considerate and caring of many a circumstances.

What are your key qualities and strengths?

I am a very understanding man and a good listener. I have a kind personality and try to help others when I can. I enjoy a laugh and would like to think I am humorous but you’d have to ask my family and friends if they always agree! I’m a very trustworthy and honest person and have held many positions in previous jobs that have required this trait. I currently look after the keys to Spanish properties of friends who have returned to the UK.

I have proved my organisational skills are of a very high standard having been in charge of departments of people in previous roles. I have a good time keeping record and have proved myself to be very reliable in both my personal and professional life. Having family-ran businesses I believe in good customer service and strive to improve whenever and wherever I can.

What made you decide to become a Carer?

There are two main reasons I decided to become a carer: financially I need to support my family and I would like the opportunity to return to the UK — but not permanently, just to get that touch of home. As much as I love Spain I do think that I am more suitable for a role in the UK.

We have businesses here but with the current financial climate they are not yielding enough to support us comfortably so I have looked for another job which would allow us to continue to live in Spain.

A good friend of mine is a Carer with Helping Hands, and enjoys his work very much. It is not something I have ever considered as a career but the more I investigated the role, the more I realised that I would quite enjoy it. My wife has suffered from serious illness in the past and I was the main caregiver throughout this time. People say the role is rewarding but I guess I am not looking for something that rewards me; I look at caring more as a role to mutually benefit both the customer and the carer. I believe that to help someone should be a second nature within us all; I hope to build a customer relationship with the person I care for which enhances both of our lives.

What do you feel you can bring to Helping Hands? What will make you a great Carer and what is your approach to care?

I feel I can bring professionalism, trust, honesty and reliability to Helping Hands. My approach to care is the same approach I have had to any other employment — customer service is paramount. I have a calm personality, I listen to people and am understanding of their needs, which I believe will serve me well as a carer. Though the role may be demanding at times, I feel that with my ability to organise and to take command during any sort of crisis will serve me well.

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