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People Team

More jobs, more training, more support. Join Britain’s best home care team.

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Helping each member of our team be the best they can

We wouldn’t be anywhere without our people. Whether it’s finding the best carers for the job or training them to the highest of standards, our human resources and training teams are behind it all.

The people team is a wide and varied department that handles:

  • Recruiting live-in carers and care assistants for roles across the country
  • Recruiting our head office and branch support teams, and our expert trainers
  • Carer training for all new carers joining Helping Hands
  • Running our training centres in the UK, Greece and Spain

Search our vacancies to find the latest jobs. For an informal chat about working at Helping Hands, email us or speak to Kim on 07805 626091 or Amy on 01789 767951.

People and Performance Director

Karen Rayfield

Karen’s role is all about ensuring we recruit only the very best people, for both carer roles and office positions. “I have a very acute understanding of a family’s need to know that their vulnerable loved one is being cared for with love, dignity and respect,” she explained. “It’s our duty to ensure that the people we recruit and train surpass the customer’s expectations.”

“We are nothing without the passionate, dedicated people who work tirelessly for our customers day in, day out,” she added. “It’s my responsibility to make sure all of our people are hand-picked with our values in mind: a focus on people, excellence every time, listening and understanding and always building on our successes.”

“What I enjoy most about my job is getting out and seeing our carers lovingly supporting their customers to live their life the way that they choose. Our carers are inspiring people, for whom I have the utmost respect.”

Meet our people & performance team

Meet our Carer Training Officer

Lisa Barley

Lisa is one of the trainers behind our award-winning carer training programme.

“What we do is so important,” she explained. “I am always so conscious that we select, train, and only pass the very best carers – if they aren’t good enough, they just don’t pass! I never forget that we are caring for vulnerable people of all ages, with many challenging conditions.”

On asking Lisa about her journey with Helping Hands, she shared, “I’ve worked hard and been rewarded – I’ve developed from carer, to trainer and now to regional trainer. Helping Hands really develop their team and want them to succeed. I’m a good example of what is possible!”

Meet our other trainers

Meet our Recruitment Manager for the live-in carer team

Rebecca Twiselton

Rebecca Twisleton, recruitment for live-in careRebecca is responsible for the work of the recruitment coordinators and assessing new candidates. She also manages compliance, making sure each candidate has been thoroughly checked to meet the standards set by our regulators.

Rebecca said, “I’m the key point of contact for queries, concerns and requests for live-in carers and ensure that I provide the day-to-day feedback and figures for the effective running of the team.

“I thoroughly enjoy my role,” she added. “It’s fast-paced, challenging and no day can ever be described as boring.”

Meet our Recruitment Manager for care assistants

Kelly Dowling

Kelly Dowling, Recruitment Manager for care assistantsKelly manages the team that conducts the initial phone interviews with new care assistants (or visiting carers) who are applying to join Helping Hands. Part of the role involves making sure each carer meets all of the standards and checks before they go out to work.

“I started working at Helping Hands in 2016 after many years in management and, more recently, within recruitment,” Kelly said. “I currently manage a team of 16, but this is always growing with the opening of our new branches across the country.

“I really enjoy my role,” she added. “Knowing that we are providing dedicated carers who enable our customers to continue enjoy living in their own homes is priceless.”

Meet our Recruitment Team Leader for our visiting carers

Alexander Cox

Alex’s journey as a recruiter with Helping Hands began in 2017, where he led a team of Recruitment and Compliance Coordinators for the South East and London regions.  His current role revolves around supporting his team and the branch network with recruitment and compliance, and ensuring the candidates that are recruited reflect and share Helping Hands’ values. Once the right calibre of candidate has been selected, Alex ensures the recruitment journey is timely and efficient, providing the best experience.

“My role is unlike any other role I have ever had – it’s enjoyable, exciting and varied. I take pride in knowing that everyday our actions in Recruitment change people’s lives; not only the lives of our customers, but the lives of our newly appointed recruits.”


Meet our Head of Talent Acquisition

Kim Kennedy

Searching for talented individuals to join our support teams across all head office functions is what our Head of Talent Acquisition, Kim, is passionate about. Her team also works tirelessly to fill the vacancies in our rapidly growing network of branches across the country.

Kim describes herself as “a really driven person – highly energetic, happy, and positive,” which are all vital qualities for doing her role. “I can be in Durham interviewing a branch manager one day, in Eastbourne the next, or on a tube in London going to meet a potential head of department,” she said.

Recruiting the people who fit our values and will always go the extra mile to look after the welfare of our customers and carers is critical. “It is vital that we always think about how each candidate will fit with the business. Are they bright? Do they share our values? Will they put others and the team ahead of themselves? These are all questions I ask myself when interviewing a new candidate.”

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