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Advice for New Carers moving to the UK

Let’s imagine you have applied to be a helping Hands live in carer and you’ve been invited to and passed the carer training week. Today could be the start of a brand new career and journey for you.

To make your new start as straight forward as possible there are some practical things to consider and set up in advance of your new placement start date.

  • Set up a UK bank account

This is so you can get paid – very important. If you don’t have  a UK bank account, during training week we will give you a letter showing our UK address so you can set up a UK bank account at one of the local banks or building societies on the high street. We can only pay your wages into a UK bank account so it is essential that this account is open before your first salary which will arrive on the 14th of the month.  We take out all the National Insurance and taxes so you don’t need to worry about this but should you have any question we have a helpful Accounts team should you ever have any queries.

When you go to the bank be sure to take the letter we give you lus 2 forms of ID such as a passport or Euro ID card.

If you choose to have paper bank statements rather than online information, these will come to us here at Head Office as the registered address and we will then forward the statement to you at your current placement address.

  • Provide us with a UK national insurance number

Everyone needs a UK national insurance number to work in the UK and we suggest that you apply for one after you have set up your bank account.  To start with, we can put you on a temporary National Insurance number to give you time to get this sorted out.  It’s important your own National Insurance number is set up within 1-2 months of being in the UK.  To get a National Insurance number you can make an appointment at your local benefits office or Jobs Centre who will conduct a short interview before issuing the card.

  • Familiarise yourself with the area

It can be daunting travelling to work in a different country. Our office teams will set up travel arrangements for you but it’s important for you to take some time to look at a map too – just to be more confident. In advance of your travel we will recommend the best airport to enter the UK and other train or bus journeys to get to your customer’s home. Have a look on Google maps to see exactly where your customer lives and don’t be afraid if it’s your first journey away from home; we’re on hand to answer your questions at all times. It’s exciting to see where your new temporary home is going to be.

  • And the most important thing! Remember to pack your passport and/or relevant ID to enter the country including your right to work documents so we can apply for your DBS and get you your first placement with a customer as soon as possible!
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