Living and Working in the UK

Live and Work in the UK with Helping Hands

Living and working in the UK is a great opportunity for you.

We have many carers that are linked to one of our regions in the North, South, South East or Central so they can easily travel to friends and family in their spare time. Our overseas carers find this really useful, you might do to? Or you might be visiting the UK for the first time and really want to see as much of the country as possible. How exciting! The UK offers so much history, culture and countryside so whether you’d like to see the Tower of London, wander around our many large and small museums all over the country, see a show, wear wellies at Glastonbury or shop at Selfridges; there will be something to experience and write home about.

Not forgetting the great train and airport links we have into the heart of Europe. On time off you could be in the centre of Paris in just a couple of hours sipping coffee on the Champs-Elysees or you might be rushing back home to your own family.

Find out more about living and working in the UK

You can visit the Helpful Advice page to read about some of the practical things you need to know before considering living and working in the UK.

Take a minute to read about Alison’s experience of working for Helping Hands. She says, “I can do the type of job I enjoy, yet still enjoy my Spanish lifestyle.”

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