Helping Hands Training Process

Helping Hands Care Training and Carer Development

Training and professional development is something that we take very seriously at Helping Hands. We know that the quality standards that we have achieved over the past 25 years are only as good as our next carer. This is why we invest so much time, energy and resources into the training and on-going development of all of our care staff.

We recognised that what we have at Helping Hands is unique and market leading within the care sector. This meant that we needed to develop our own bespoke training programme and facilities to ensure that we continue to build upon the outstanding success that we have demonstrated to our customers over the many years that we have been in business. Care is not something that can be taught in a normal classroom environment.

At Helping Hands we have developed a purpose built Centre of Excellence which hosts our training academy. The centre has been built to simulate your house so that we can train our carers how they would care for someone in their own home. We have a bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and kitchen with all of the equipment that a carer may have to use when assisting you to go about your day to day activities.

Our Carer Training Week – Making Helping Hands’ Carers the Best

The training team will lead you though a number of classroom sessions and practical activities designed specifically to give you the skills and knowledge to ensure that you are happy and confident in your role. When you graduate from our Centre of Excellence training academy you will be ready for your first customer placement.

On the care training week you’ll learn about:

  • Helping Hands’ customer service
  • The role of the carer, your duties, responsibilities and how we deliver them in the Helping Hands way
  • Our values and beliefs at Helping Hands
  • Medication
  • Personal care
  • Manual handling
  • Abuse and safeguarding against it
  • Dementia
  • Cooking and preparing for mealtimes
  • Health and safety
  • First aid.

We’ve designed the care training week to ensure that everyone can get involved, and ask the questions they want to ask. Our expert training team is always around during breaks and lunch times to answer any questions and to provide one-to-one support.

All of our care training is verified by Education Development International (EDI). It’s been developed with Skills for Care. Skills for Care is an organisation whose role looks at attitudes, values, skills and qualifications necessary to provide the best quality care. We exceed the statutory requirements for care training set by the Care Sector Council.

Having graduated from our Centre of Excellence, you’ll be ready for your first customer placement

External Verification

Each carer spends their first five days with Helping Hands in our Centre of Excellence learning how to deliver the very best care in the Helping Hands Way. All of our training has been verified by Education Development International plc. (EDI) and has been developed in consultation with Skills for Care, a body whose role looks at the attitudes, values, skills and qualifications necessary to provide high quality care. With our commitment to delivering excellence every time, we exceed the statutory requirements for care training set by the Care Sector Council.

Our Centre of Excellence is headed by our award winning Training Manager Julie Mills. Julie personally oversees each training week which she delivers alongside our team of highly skilled and experienced trainers.

On-going training

Dementia TrainingMany of our existing carers are degree level educated and have vast experience of working in care. Their on-going training and career development is central to what we do. All of our carers are placed on an on-going bespoke training plan; constantly developing their skills to continually improve the care that you receive.

A whole host of training modules are available through our on-line training centre. These materials have been specially developed to meet both the generic and specialised skills and knowledge required for carers. Each module has been developed using our 27 years of experience in caring for our customers and by partnering with specialist groups and individuals such as Dementia UK. Training on specialist conditions such as Dementia and Stroke are just 2 examples from our extensive library of training modules.

Each member of Helping Hands staff receives an annual performance review and regular supervision meetings. Should your care needs change over time your carer will be fully trained and coached by our locally based managers and trainers to ensure that they are fully confident in meeting all of your needs.

The trainees have a fabulous time on training – don’t take our word for it! We have included some comments from recent trainees below:

“The training week was fantastic, the best training i’ve ever had and i have been in care for about seven years. I highly recommend any one who has a big heart and wants a future in care to contact Helping Hands.” Jade Brazier
“Thank you to the Helping Hands Training Team, not only did you do an excellent job training us but you also inspired us, Id recommend Helping Hands to anyone who has a heart, drive and commitment to be a carer. It’s a title I’m proud to hold.” Jake Rickard
“Jayne is an inspiration to all, and I was blown away leaving the training centre having learnt so much, and that I can take that with me on placements knowing the person who taught me has been there themselves, and teach with so much passion you know, that they are there on the other end if the phone or email to support you, and provide s much help and support as they can.” Tom Aldridge
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