How does being a Carer fit in with my Lifestyle?

Will Being a Carer Fit in With my Lifestyle?

Being a carer, either on a live-in or hourly visiting basis is both demanding and rewarding. It takes a special person to be a carer and there are aspects of the role that need to be taken into consideration when seeing if it fits with your lifestyle.

However, there are certain groups of people who find that care work is ideal for them and that it enables them to fulfil their goals in their personal life, whether that be fitting in around family commitments or travelling the world.

At Helping Hands we have the most amazing team of carers who have all kinds of backgrounds, hobbies and interests. They all have one thing in common – delivering outstanding care for their customers. Below are some examples of carers with very different lifestyles for whom working at Helping Hands is ideal.

Our more mature carers

We have carers who have families that have flown the nest and want to pick up a new career maybe after being out of the work place for some time. These carers use the excellent life skills that they have used to bring up their families to care for their customers. Many of these carers find a whole new lease of life though their new career.

“It is more than being a carer, I am sharing a house with somebody. Janice is like family to me so thats how I care for her”

Our carers who are not UK nationals

There are a number of Helping Hands carers who are working in the UK for the first time. Many of them have care experience from their life back home – either in a personal or professional setting. They want to use their skills whilst experiencing life in the UK. They find that living in their customer’s home really immerses them in the UK culture. It is very rewarding to be learning about life here as they help their customers to achieve the life they want.

Our ex-pat carers

We have carers on our live-in team who now have their permanent base overseas but still need to work to support their new life in the sun. With regular cheap flights now available into the UK working as a live-in carer, taking breaks at home overseas is a really good option for these people. We have carers who have a wealth of experience and are delighted to be able to continue their career whilst fulfilling their dream of having a home in the sun.

“I am just doing a job that I love, I am a carer from the heart and am really proud and passionate about my role. It is the greatest feeling to go to bed at night knowing that I have done my best and made a positive difference to someone’s life”

Our carers who have a love of travel

We have carers who like to travel and find that living in a customer’s home for 3 days to 8 weeks at a time allows them to have a rewarding career whilst saving money to take longer breaks than they would normally be allowed to in a regular 9-5 job. This provides them with a fulfilling career that really makes a difference whilst being able to travel the world at regular intervals.

Our hourly visiting carers who want flexibility

We have a number of hourly visiting carers who are able to juggle other priorities and jobs. Care work allows them to fit in a rewarding career around other commitments. Our carers come in all shapes and sizes and we love them all! It is through the diversity of our team that we are able to match them so well to the likes and interests of our customers.

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