Continuity of Care

Continuous Care Support from Helping Hands

Our experience has taught us that continuity of care is extremely important, especially for customers living with with Dementia or Alzheimer’s, where learning a new face or a new routine can be very distressing.

Elderly lady with her carerContinuity of care creates familiarity and helps develop comfortable routines; it builds a relationship between customer and carer which is based on mutual trust.

Rest Period

We aim to have our carers stay in the home for several weeks at a time; they then take a short 1 -2 week break before returning.  During the rest period cover is provided.

We guarantee cover for our customers so they will never be left stranded. If they have any problems or concerns they have access to their own Live-in Care Manager and a 24 hour emergency care number; this level of care and support offers peace of mind to the professionals involved as well as the family.

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