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Bespoke Care For Couples

Sheila Pickworth has been receiving Live-in Care from Helping Hands since February 2010, due to having the condition MSA (Multiple System Atrophy), a progressive neurological disorder which affects adults

Prior to this, Sheila and her husband John received hourly care but this had to change when John needed to go into hospital for an operation. In order to recuperate from the operation, John and Sheila chose to go into residential respite care.

Despite the care home being competent and comfortable, Sheila and John wanted to return to their home of 40 years and regain their independence. Finding out about Live-in Care via a friend, John contacted Helping Hands:

“I was very impressed with the level of service we received right from the start; the assessor came to see us while we were in residential care and talked through the option of Live-in Care and how it could work for us. We loved the idea that this would allow us to regain control of our lives, that we would be able to choose when to get up or have dinner, that we would be able to do what we wanted when we wanted.”

“I would recommend Live-in Care to anyone; we have been really surprised how un-intrusive the carers have been. Having Krista here has allowed Sheila and me to continue to stay in our family home with the support we need; we really enjoy having her here” –

John Pickworth

John and Sheila are cared for by Krista, John describes Krista as being not only very kind and thoughtful but also able to deal with care in an intelligent manner, she is enthusiastic and good company. Krista also shares the same sense of humour as Sheila which means they enjoy spending time together watching DVD’s. Krista prepares all the meals for John and Sheila, she has a good understanding of nutrition and prepares a variety of soups and stews.

Having Krista living with John and Sheila has made the world of difference to them both, not only are they able to rely on her but she gives them peace of mind.


Live-in care for couples: Meet Mr and Mrs Cherry

One of the most satisfying services we provide is when live-in care allows a couple to remain together in their family home. Often with one partner being the main carer for their loved one with dementia, our support steps in at a time when residential care for either one, or sometimes both is beckoning.

We recently had the privilege of talking with Bob Cherry. At 92 ( very nearly 93! ) he and his wife Betty are approaching their 70th Wedding Anniversary next year, and they live together at home in Southwold. After Betty was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Bob became her full time carer and although at first they managed and were still able to get out and about, the last 12 months have seen her condition progress and this, combined with the physical aspects of running a house, started to take its toll. Growing increasingly concerned for his father’s well being we were first contacted by Bob’s son. After meeting with their Local Manager, Clare Egloff, their live in carer, Melissa arrived last August.

Asking his impression of Melissa, Bob said,
“ Melissa gives out an extraordinary calm, she will do anything to help and knows Betty so well that she knows when to pull back if she can see her anxiety rising. She cares efficiently and expertly and it has made such a lot of difference and relieved a great deal of stress, I really do not know what I would do without her.”

And the difference does become clear – knowing that he can leave Betty in safe hands, twice a week Bob now tries to get in 5 or 6 holes of golf and as often as he can attends his Old Boys Luncheon Club . Melissa and her cover carer Claire have also encouraged Bob to get online. The proud owner of a laptop he is now fully connected and using email to keep in touch with friends and family.

Meanwhile Betty has support with all of her personal care and has her routine maintained just as she and Bob like. On reflection Bob said, “ I couldn’t have Betty in a care home after all of these years. This is her home.”

How wonderful that they will be together at home for the 93rd birthday celebrations in 2013.

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