An insight into Parkinson’s

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We welcomed Dr Brown from the NICE Charity (National Institute of Conductive Education) to deliver a session on how to help support individuals and families with neurological movement disorders such as Parkinsons. Through their conductive education approach there are a number of training activities which can help individuals gain greater control over their movements which in turn leads to increased confidence. The insight into how as a team we can encourage “conscious” movement , be more cognisant of spatial awareness and also how the brain is affected by the disease was incredibly valuable with much of the work also translating across stroke survivors, ABI, PSP and Multiple Sclerosis.

NICE runs a number of support sessions across Coventry, Birmingham and Cheltenham, offering free initial consultations and 10 free sessions to any family wishing to access the service.

You can also read more information on how Helping Hands Home Care support families and loved ones with Parkinson’sDr Brown and Team.

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