Celebrate International Women’s Day

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07 March 2013

Celebrate International Women’s Day

8th march 2013 is the international Women’s day. This day is celebrated all over the world to recognise and celebrate the achievements of women.


In some countries flowers are given to wife, mother, sister, daughter and grandmother to say thank you. Our society has come a long way from the suffragette movement and now women are present and successful in many walks of life.

The care sector tends to have more female workforce and volunteers. However due to their longevity women tend to live longer and acquire many health problems. As a result of this, they are more in need of care.

Let’s make 8th March a special day for the women we care for or work with. Let’s celebrate their life stories!!!

I will be attending an afternoon tea at the House of Lords on 7th March 2013 when a compendium of essays on the differential treatment received by older women is being launched. As the Dignity Adviser for Helping Hands I have had the privilege of contributing to this collection.

Let’s remember the positive influence an older relative or friend has made in our life and say thank you to them. I will be interested in hearing your stories. Dignity and respect for older women!

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