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Andrew LawlessThree weeks ago Andrew Lawless, one of our Live-in Care customers, had a fall resulting in a broken left hip which then caused a Pulmonary Embolism – a dangerous complication for Andrew who lives with the physical effects of a Stroke. Its two weeks now since Andrew returned home from hospital, and he is thrilled by his speedy recovery. He says this is largely down to the support of both his care team and his current Live-in Carer, Tony.

As a Helping Hands Live-in Carer, Tony understands that to provide an excellent service to his customer it is crucial that he works hard to facilitate strong, productive relationships for those who have an impact on Andrew’s life. Tony says,  Andrew’s circle of care includes his family and friends, health and social care professionals, business contacts and significant others and we have worked well together to aid Andrew’s progress since his discharge from hospital.

Andrew is a well-known customer of ours and everyone within the business follows his progress with interest and much respect for his absolute determination. The progress that Andrew has made in such a short time not only demonstrates the huge difference Live-in Carers can make in the lives of our customers, but also the importance of working together with our customers’ support network such as doctors and family members.

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