Dementia Awareness Week 2014

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19 May 2014

Dementia Awareness Week 2014

The Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Awareness, ‘Don’t bottle it up’ campaign, is designed to encourage people to open up about Dementia. The Alzheimer’s Society is encouraging people to stop bottling it up and instead start talking about their concerns or issues.

Remember, Helping Hands has its own dedicated Dementia Helpline, which is available to anybody who has a concern or requires tailored advice about Dementia and Dementia care. You can contact Jayne Vale, our Dementia Specialist, on 0808 1611 626.

We also have a fantastic Guide to Dementia Care at Home, which is packed with useful information and tips about Dementia care. Take a look here:

Please remember to spread the word about Dementia Awareness this week.

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