Inside Out: Elderly care special

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15 October 2012

Inside Out: Elderly care special

The BBC is due to air a program tonight about the state of elderly care in Britain and has also produced several reports leading up to the program highlighting the rising costs of care for elderly people in the UK.

With the focus previously being on placing the elderly into residential care, it has become clear that this is no longer an option for people as many either refuse to do so or councils are now making the realisation that in the long run this can cost more than having care at home.

The Care Minister, Norman Lamb, acknowledged that there needed to be reform of the care system but said that councils had to think harder about how they are spending their money.

He added: “For example in Dorset they’re investing £1.6m in ‘reablement’, getting people fitter after a crisis, increasing their independence. They’re estimating by the third year they’ll be saving £3m a year.”

This could be a real opportunity for councils to save money and improve outcomes by examining options that are a break away from the norm – such as Live-In Care.

To find out more about how Live-In Care supports people with reablement contact us on 0808 180 9005

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