Joao Henriques, Portugal

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11 November 2013

Joao Henriques, Portugal

My name is João Henriques and I´m Portuguese. My mother and sister are social workers so to care is in my “blood”. I have worked as a volunteer in the Czech Republic, Italy and England. Having enjoyed these experiences I came across the opportunity to be a carer in Portugal with a man with Alzheimer’s. It was a challenging experience but very gratifying. I soon realized that helping others gave me a great deal of satisfaction, somehow I felt it was my true vocation. It was something I genuinely liked to do it and was good at doing it. Therefore, when the opportunity to join Helping Hands appeared I didn’t look back, my girlfriend had been working for Helping Hands and she assured me that they were a great company. The training was great, all the trainers were very friendly and were open not only to instruct us on what and how to do, but to answer to any doubts we had. The whole live in environment during the training week was nice and it was particularly good to meet other people, from other countries, with other experiences.

Short after the end of the training I started working with a lovely gentleman and I am finding it a pleasure to care for him. We talk together lots, watch movies, listen to music together, we actually share a lot of interests which is great.

From my first experience with Helping Hands, from the telephone application part and right the way through training and into my first placement I have had lots of support, having the Manager come to visit me in my first placement really helped too. 

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