National Dignity Council

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15 August 2012

National Dignity Council

by Dr Rekha Elaswarapu, advisor to Helping Hands

For the last year I’ve been representing Helping Hands on the National Dignity Council, an enthusiastic group of organisations and individuals which have a passion for dignity in care.

The National Dignity Council supports dignity champions and shapes and influences the work of the Dignity Network. Formerly known as The Dignity Partnership Board, the Council came into being in 2009 and exists to promote dignity in all settings including those in health and social care.

At the last meeting in July we discussed the report ‘Delivering dignity’ published jointly by Age UK, NHS Confederation and Local Government Association. I raised my concerns at the title itself, I believe every individual has dignity inherent in them and as care providers we maintain the dignity, respect the dignity and ensure that it is not compromised. The term delivering dignity somehow indicates that we are providing something that is not there.  This thought was widely supported by other council members and it was decided that a response to the report would be submitted highlighting the Council’s views.

Next year’s national dignity day is in February. Let’s all start thinking about it, please let me know if you have some ideas to show we believe and care about dignity for people we care for. More details about past activity and good practice examples are available from the website:

If you have any suggestions for Dr Rekha, you can email them to

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