Too many reports and not enough action

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14 March 2012

Too many reports and not enough action

Another week, another report into the state of social care in the UK.  This time the conclusion was that the most vulnerable in our society are struggling to get access to GPs and routine medicines.  This report, commissioned by the Care Quality Commission, followed one published by the Commission on Dignity in Care which called for an end to patronising language and an emphasis on compassion in the care sector.

The problem with these reports, as well intentioned as they are, is that there are so many of them they have lost some of their impact, they have become a sort of background noise.


Most people are horrified to think that we need a report to tell us that people working within the care sector should “show compassion” or that calling somebody a “bed-blocker” is morally wrong.  Surely that should be obvious?

Nobody is denying that there is are some serious issues in the care sector which need sorting out, but the time for reports has surely passed; it’s time for real action to ensure that only high quality care providers which focus on the dignity of their clients and the compassion of their carers are allowed to provide care for our most vulnerable.

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