From Visiting Care to Live-in Care

When is it Time to Think About Live-in Care?

It is common for us to be approached by families who have been receiving visiting care but find that it no longer meets their needs.

Once you get to the point where your agency is struggling to meet your existing needs or you are receiving three or four visits a day or you may have care requirements at night you may find yourself at the financial tipping point where the costs of having one permanent carer become attractive.

“Thank goodness for our carer Beth, dad always got by before but he was desperate to stay at home and with his dementia progressing it meant that he really could not be left alone at all. She copes marvelously,I dont know what we would both do without her.”

G Garside, Lewes, Sussex.

Other aspects worth considering when you are debating a series of visiting calls v/s a live in carer :-

  • Continuity of one live in carer versus the frequency and variety of visiting carers
  • Peace of mind knowing that somebody is there, whatever the time of day vs waiting for a carer to visit
  • Care is on your terms and to your timetable , not to that of the agency
  • We encourage your input in developing a support plan that reflects your expectations, incorporating any personal care but also more “social” needs such as trips out.
  • Care needs change – Your existing provider may be struggling to meet them, our live in carer will have the training and experience to adapt as your needs evolve.

In most cases a live in carer can look after two people, thus providing continuity of care and cost savings. There is a preconception that the only option following visiting care is residential, live in care offers you a realistic and affordable alternative.

Working Together with Visiting Homecare

If you have quite complex needs we will often work together with a visiting carer to ensure that your needs are met.  There will be a way that by working together you can stay home. Call us now, and speak to our support advisor on 0808 190 9455.

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