Providing a Safe Service

Hourly Visiting Care: Providing a Safe Service

Providing a timely and efficient service is extremely important to our hourly visiting care customers. Quite rightly, our customers and Helping Hands expect the carers to arrive at the right time each day, with many people being completely dependent on this visit to help them out of bed, wash, eat, take medication and retire to bed at the end of the day. Timing is everything.

Helping Hands uses the aid of technology via GPS mobile solutions for efficient scheduling – getting the right carers to the right customers at the right time.

Our Chief Operations Officer, Ben Lee explains how it works, “Using GPS mobile solutions means that our carers’ visiting care schedules can be updated in real-time on their mobile phone. This feature gives staff more time for visits, providing even more care for our customers.”

The use of IT delivers efficient service scheduling so we know exactly where a carer is and at what time. Of course, the system cannot stop daily events such as bad weather or an accident on the road from putting carers behind schedule; but it creates automated alerts so we can reschedule and communicate with our customers. As one of the leading providers of home help care in Warwickshire, Worcestershire and parts of the Cotswolds, Midlands and West Country, we believe this level of communication with our customers is absolutely key to us providing an unbeatable service.

Our customers tell us:

“Mum’s carer arrives on time and always comes across as unrushed which we are grateful for.”

“On the whole the carers arrive when planned. On the odd occasion when they have been held up, we receive a call from the office which is fine.”

“LC from Bromsgrove called to thank Donna. There was a timing problem this morning with her call and Donna helped her rescheduled it so she could attend a booked appointment at the doctors.”


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