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Home care in Banbury

Why choose Banbury home care?

At Helping Hands, we’ve been providing specialised home care since 1989. During that time, we’ve helped thousands of our customers to remain independent, confident and comfortable in the home that they love. Our superb Banbury care team can offer you flexible, dedicated home care services that start from as little as 30 minutes a week. Thanks to our personalised care plans that suit your individual requirements and wishes, you’ll always feel supported when you choose Helping Hands for home care.

What are our home care services in Banbury?

Our superb team of compassionate carers are trained to support you in the areas you need it most, including personal care, assistance with medical, help with getting to the shops or meal preparation. All of our care is completely person-centred, which means that your comfort and satisfaction will always be at the heart of all of our support. Whether you require live-in care for round-the-clock assistance or visiting care a few times a week, our Banbury team are on hand to ensure you feel fully supported in your home.

Emergency care in Banbury

We also provide an emergency care service for those unexpected occasions when you find yourself in need of a carer. It might be that your normal carer is taking a break, or you’ve undergone surgery that necessitates a period of rehabilitation and leaves you unable to perform your normal routines. If you’re in a tight spot, Helping Hands are able to provide you with one of our highly trained, empathetic carers, usually within 24 hours, allowing you to focus on recovering properly or enjoying your normal routine.

Elderly care to stay at home

As we age, it’s almost inevitable that we experience greater frailty and begin to lose strength and energy. So many of the household chores that used to be second nature to us, such as vacuuming, doing laundry, walking the dog or preparing meals, gradually become increasingly difficult. Our brilliant elderly carers are able to help you in your home with the time-consuming, energy-sapping tasks that jeopardise your health, safety and mental wellbeing, allowing you to instead focus on doing the things you enjoy and spending more time with loved ones. We can even provide a live-in carer for round-the-clock assistance to give you and your family that added peace of mind.

Domiciliary care

When you have domiciliary care from Helping Hands, you partner with a team who have been providing expert home care for over 30 years. We have extensive expertise in designed bespoke packages of care for our customers that meet their specific set of needs and wishes; we want to ensure you’re fully in control over your routine and are able to remain comfortable and confident in the familiar, much-loved surroundings of your own home.

Leading Banbury home care experts

Our Banbury home care team are fully trained and equipped to assist you in whatever way you need. Every carer is selectively recruited for their empathy, compassion and dedication to providing person-centred care. Upon joining Helping Hands, all of our staff undergo award-winning training in areas such as first aid, moving and handling, medication, safeguarding and more. Staff also receive refresher training to ensure they’re always up to date with industry standards and best care practices. And, for added reassurance, all of our care provision is independently regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales to ensure that we’re always

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For more information about our home care services in Banbury, please contact our customer care team. Or, if you’d prefer for us to give you a call back at your convenience, get in touch via our website.

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