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Personal Care Eastbourne

Why choose personal care at Helping Hands Eastbourne?

Helping Hands is one of the leading home care in Eastbourne providers in the UK, having been supporting people to live independently on their own homes for over 30 years. Whether you have been diagnosed with dementia, one of your loved ones needs extra support after a hospital discharge or fall, or you are researching for the future, Helping Hands’ friendly team in Eastbourne will be able to support you with every aspect of your enquiry and all the care you need.

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What’s included with personal care Eastbourne at Helping Hands?

Care shouldn’t be chosen lightly; you want to know that you’re selecting a company with decades of experience who will look after your loved one with the same care and attention that you would. When you have care from our Eastbourne team you are getting the support of proficient and empathetic management, along with visits from expert, compassionate carers.

Flexibility and choice are always in your hands and with visits beginning from 30 minutes per week and going all the way up to full-time, live-in care, you can be sure that we’ll be able to arrange the care package to suit you. Having care in your own home is a preference that all of our customers relish because it means they don’t have to leave the place that means the most to them in the whole world; their home. Even complex, palliative and end-of-life care can be delivered expertly in our customers’ homes so there is no need to leave the people, pets and possessions that mean the world to you. We can support you with everything from light housework, companionship, mobility assistance and much more, so please get in touch today and see how the friendly Eastbourne team can help your family.

Why you may need personal care in Eastbourne

Perhaps you’ve found yourself struggling with household tasks lately or perhaps you are recovering from an illness? Whatever the reason that you feel you or a loved one would benefit from care; the Eastbourne team will be able to help you make the right choices for your needs.

Carers for limited hour visits

Visiting care at home means that one of our compassionate carers will come to your house and visit for as long as you’ve requested, and with visits starting from just 30 minutes there are options available for everyone. Perhaps you would appreciate help with household tasks, personal care, going out to attend activities or just for companionship, one of our carers will follow a dedicated and personalised support plan that will have been written for you by our management team, in agreement with your wishes. Perhaps you’d prefer someone to be with you overnight? The hours of darkness can be difficult for customers who struggle to rest while the rest of the household are asleep, so why not arrange for one of our local overnight carers to be with you through the night, whether for personal care, companionship or just to help you take your medication.

Intermittent long-term visits

When you’re the carer it can be difficult for you to feel you can take a break, however it’s incredibly important for your physical and mental wellbeing that you get a chance to step away from time to time and recharge your energy. With respite care from the Eastbourne team you can be confident that an expert carer will be spending time with your loved one just as you would have, and will be ensuring their routines are followed exactly as they like them, thanks to their personalised support plan. This means that you get the chance to rest and relax, catch-up with other family or even go on holiday, whilst your loved one gets excellent care from a friendly team of professionals whom you can have total confidence in.

Carers for immediate situations

We can’t predict emergencies; that’s what makes them so life-shattering at times, so what if your loved one is discharged from hospital unexpectedly, has a fall or is diagnosed with a serious condition? Even if you live far away from them, you can be sure that the local Eastbourne emergency care team will be able to care for your loved one as if you were doing it yourself, compassionately and with empathy. Our carers always promote their customers’ independence, considering it vital for a balanced life, so please get in touch to see how we can support you, even if you need care in place within the same day.

Personal carers in Eastbourne

Samantha and her team are dedicated to providing the best quality care for Eastbourne and the surrounding areas, so please contact them today to see how they can help. Everyone is valued at Helping Hands; we are not an agency and all our staff are directly employed, which means happier, committed employees who all share the same vision of making sure our customers receive the best care possible. Our carers are trained extensively when they first join us and that commitment to improving skills continues throughout employment with Helping Hands, so you can be confident in the knowledge that our carers bring to your home. Additionally, we are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and the Eastbourne branch were accredited with a ‘Good’ rating at their most recent inspection.

How to arrange personal care in Eastbourne

Call us today; our dedicated customer care specialists are waiting to speak to you seven days a week to discuss your care options with you.

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