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Personal Care Harrow

Why choose personal care services at Helping Hands Harrow?

Our dedicated team of home carers in Harrow have the skills and expertise to deliver the very best home care in the area – whether you need regular weekly visits or 24-hour live-in care. Built up on a foundation of providing home care since 1989, we know what it takes to ensure you’re looked after at home with support that’s tailored to you and your needs.

Regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and affiliated with organisations such as Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) and Spinal Injuries Association (SIA), Helping Hands is one of the industry’s leading home care providers in the UK, and our Harrow branch is one of our seven local branches in London.

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What’s included with personal care at Helping Hands?

Home care Harrow covers anything and everything that you may need help with in order to continue living and independent life. We’ll work with you to create a bespoke support plan that caters to every single one of your requirements – whether it’s what you prefer to eat for your tea, what time you like to get up in the morning or the places you like to visit when you have the energy to do so.

As well as supporting you to do the activities you like, we’ll also assist you with any care needs you have, such as help with washing, bathing, continence care, getting dressed and taking medication. And if you have more complex health care needs, our nurse-supported care offers more intricate support for specific health conditions such as a spinal injury, brain trauma or stroke.

Why you may need our care at home services

There is never a set list of scenarios or health care conditions that you must be able to have in order to receive care at home. Anyone can have support from our team in Harrow, regardless of if they’re in their twenties with a neurological condition or if they’re in their eighties and living with dementia. Our aim is to support anyone who needs extra assistance to stay safe and well in the comfort of their own home.

Short term home care support

If you only need support little and often perhaps with the housework or taking your beloved pet out for his daily walk, visiting care allows you to choose the times that suit you so that your care fits in around your existing routines. Care from our team in Harrow is designed to be flexible and easily adaptable to your changing needs. So, if you require additional support during the night because you’ve become slightly unsteady on your feet when going to the toilet, overnight care can ensure that you get back into bed safely and reduce any anxieties.

Intermittent long-term care

Being a carer for a loved one is a very rewarding job, but it can be very tiring and completely take over your life. That’s why it’s important to take regular breaks, which is where respite care could become an integral part of your routine. Designed to fit in with your planned breaks, we’ll meet with you both beforehand so that we get everything just right before you take a step back. That way, you can both have full reassurance that your loved one is still receiving the care they need while you recharge your batteries.

Immediate start home help carers

If you find yourself being quickly discharged from hospital and are unable to care for yourself at home, our Harrow team can arrange for emergency care to be in place for as soon as you come home – usually within the same day as your enquiry to us. That way, you can safely and securely convalesce at home where you feel most comfortable with the support that you need.

Personal carers in Harrow

Lorna and her team of friendly carers are dedicated to making sure those in the Harrow area retain their independence in their own home. With in-house training delivered by our expert instructors, all of our carers are taught the skills and knowledge required to safely care for our customers, such as personal care, manual handling, first aid, safeguarding, medication and much more.

In addition to our rigorous assessment and selection process, all of our care teams are required to undergo regular refresher training to ensure that they carry out the latest and safest practices. There are also further opportunities for our carers to progress their practice and knowledge further by undertaking specialist training courses in conditions such as dementia, palliative care and complex care.

How to arrange home care in Harrow

If you’re considering care for yourself or a relative, why not call us today? Our customer care specialists are available seven days a week to discuss your care needs. They can then arrange a home meeting with Lorna, so that we can begin your care journey with us.

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