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Home Care in Ponteland

Why choose Helping Hands for home care in Ponteland?

For more than 30 years now, Helping Hands has been a proud leader in the UK home care industry, and we like to think that our commitment to a truly excellent standard of care has earned us our good reputation with customers across the country. Helping Hands values care that is flexible and respects the unique needs of every one of our customers. Whether you need occasional short-term visiting care or would benefit more from live-in care, nurse-supported care or even the occasional respite service, we are standing by to help you in whatever way we can.

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What’s included with home care at Helping Hands?

The care you receive from our Helping Hands staff depends entirely on you. We can offer support from as little as 30 minutes a week, and can also fill in on short notice during emergencies, with a carer sent within 24 hours of you contacting us.

The care we offer is flexible and tailored to your needs. You or a loved one may need assistance with daily household tasks, personal grooming, medications and prescriptions, housework, healthy meal prep and shopping or mobility out and about. Of course, we understand that it’s often just as important to receive emotional and social support, so our carers are more than happy to step in with friendly encouragement, a chat or a shared cup of tea at the kitchen table.

Respite Care in Ponteland

Our respite care services are ideal for those who already have professional or non-professional care in place, but, for whatever reason, need someone to fill in on accession. If the ordinary carer is poorly or has urgent business elsewhere, we can help – and of course we’re happy to step in if you simply need a holiday break to recharge your batteries. Respite care can be for a day or several weeks, according to what you need most from us.

We can also send over a skilled and properly trained carer after an illness or hospital visit, to make convalescence that little bit more comfortable. You can rest easy knowing that all the familiar daily routines will be carried out with care while you or your normal carer are away.

Ponteland Elderly Care

Helping Hands care workers have plenty of experience assisting those with the mobility issues or health concerns that come with increasing age. We understand that seeking elderly care can be a daunting prospect, usually because you might not need a full-on service but prefer only occasional support for those tasks that have become a little more difficult. Our philosophy is that we’re here to make sure you live the life you want, in the home you want, with as much independence as possible. This means our carers are ready to be an extra pair of hands around the house, or, if necessary, can offer overnight care or round-the-clock care.

Dementia Care across Ponteland

Helping Hands carers are experts in dementia care and have a genuine passion for supporting those living with dementia and conditions like Alzheimer’s. They know that dementia can sometimes be challenging, at that needs can change on a sometimes daily basis. What’s needed is patience, compassion and a lot of flexibility. We find that sending loved ones to residential care homes can be very distressing if dementia is involved, as the carers are in rotation and your loved one may see a different face every day. At Helping Hands, though, we pride ourselves on continuity of care, and a reassuring presence day in and day out.

Why Helping Hands is the leading Home Care Agency in Ponteland

There are plenty of home care options in Ponteland, but we believe that what sets us apart is our authentic commitment to personal, tailored care. Every carer has been extensively recruited, vetted and trained. We only work with directly employed carers, and never agency staff. Beyond this, we only choose those few carers we trust to share our vision and deliver the excellent standard of service we’ve come to be known for.

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Seeking home care of any kind, whether for yourself or for others, is certainly not a process to be taken lightly. We understand you may have questions or concerns. Please feel free to get in touch with our home care Ponteland team so we can have a friendly chat and find out what we can do to help you and your loved ones today.

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