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Home Care in Telford

Why choose home care in Telford?

Seeking out home care, whether for yourself or a loved one, can certainly be a daunting process. You need to make sure that you’re in good hands, and receiving care that is both safe and effective. For over three decades, Helping Hands has been a proud leader in the UK home care industry.

We are certified and routinely monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England (and the Care Inspectorate in Wales), so you know that with us, you will only ever receive care services of the highest standard. We like to think that our commitment to quality has been recognized in our many accreditations and awards, including being the only home care agency to ever be given the accolade of Centre of Excellence.

Our Telford carers love the work they do and routinely go above and beyond. Our philosophy is to provide comprehensive care that includes not just practical support, but emotional reassurance and companionship.

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What are our Home Care Services in Telford?

At Helping Hands, we believe that no two people are the same, and so the care they receive shouldn’t be the same, either. The support we provide you is designed to fit around your unique lifestyle and preferences. We broadly offer two kinds of care: live-in care or visiting care, which can be arranged at any interval, ranging from as little as 30 minutes weekly.

What is included with care is up to you. Our carers are fully trained and compassionate professionals who are happy to work around your needs. We can help with mobility, household tasks like cleaning, errands, personal grooming and dressing, meal prep and shopping, pet care, or simply being at hand when a smile and a friendly chat are all that’s needed.

Respite Care across Telford

Of course, not everyone needs care on an ongoing basis. If your needs are intermittent, you might opt for respite care, where we send a relief carer to cover for you, whether it’s for an afternoon or a few weeks. Many of our customers are carers who need to occasionally take time off to indulge in a little TLC, tend to urgent family matters, or simply recover when they’re feeling poorly. Helping Hands can arrange short term care, so you can rest assured that your loved one is being well looked after while you’re away.

Respite care is also an option for those special occasions where the normal routine is disrupted, or a little extra support is needed, such in the days after a hospital visit or an accident or illness. We’ll be there making sure you have one less thing to worry about.

Elderly Care in Telford

In our experience, many seniors need a little help around the home as age advances, but that doesn’t mean they are willing to move to a residential care facility and leave the home they love. Our elderly carers know that a little support can go a long way. Our philosophy is to assist where we can, without disrupting the familiar daily habits or undermining your independence. Our carers come from all walks of life, but they have in common the genuine desire to help in whatever way they can. They will take the time to get to know you or your loved one, because care is about so much more than just practical support.

Dementia Care Assistance

When we offer dementia care, our goal is to ensure that your mind is completely at ease and that you are confident your loved one is safe and being properly cared for. Our carers are compassionate professionals who we employ directly. We never hire agency staff, but only work with those we trust to share our home care vision. So, whether you need a few weekly visiting calls or more comprehensive, full-time cover, we’re here to help.

Why Helping Hands is the top Home Care Agency in Telford

At Helping Hands, our customers’ needs are always our top priority. We want you and your family to live the lives you want to live, with the care, support and understanding that you deserve. We believe it’s both our expertise and our human touch that sets us apart in the home care industry.

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Seeking home care can definitely be stressful, but we are here and listening. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss what we can do to make your life a little easier today.

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