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Meet Mark Dallas Medical Researcher and Doctor

Dr Dallas joined the School of Pharmacy at the University of Reading in 2013. He began his scientific career at the University of Dundee, before moving south to carry out a PhD at the University of Leeds. Following on from his PhD, he was awarded a prestigious research fellowship from Alzheimer’s Research UK. During this fellowship, he became interested in the role of glial cells in Alzheimer’s pathology. His research investigates the regulation of ion channels and transporters; he has an interest in glial cells within the central nervous system.

He has also built up an international profile looking at the ability of carbon monoxide to act as a physiological messenger. This has opened an exciting area of research pointing to their use as therapeutic agents. This work contributes to a growing number of studies highlighting the impact of these cells on neuronal physiology and their influence in pathological states. By furthering our understanding of non-neuronal cells, he hopes to provide much needed therapeutic strategies for the treatment of complex neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

His work has generously been funded by Alzheimer’s Research UK, Alzheimer’s Association, GW Pharmaceuticals, Physiological Society and The Royal Society. He holds numerous positions within the scientific community including the Academic Coordinator for the Alzheimer’s Research UK Thames Valley Network, Neuroscience Theme Lead for the Physiological Society, Editor for the British Journal of Pharmacology and Associate Editor for Physiological Reports. He is also passionate about sharing the complexities of the brain to younger audiences and was involved in developing an award-winning theatre production in collaboration with Filskit theatre company entitled ‘Bright Sparks’ and more recently is working with Lizzie Burns to produce dementia-related material for school children.