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Cerebral palsy care

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Specialist cerebral palsy care

If you live with one of the many types of cerebral palsy, you can still live a fulfilling and independent life, with specialist support to help you when you need it, comfortably and in the way you want to. With cerebral palsy care at home, we provide day-to-day support so you can keep your independence. 

With nearly 30 years’ experience in providing specialist home care, we provide live-in care and visiting care for people with cerebral palsy within the comfort of their own homes. One of our expertly trained and specially chosen carers can provide all the one-to-one assistance required, whether that is medical help, personal care, help around the home or ongoing companionship.

By choosing Helping Hands for your home care, we create a custom-made care plan completely based upon your needs and requirements. We place special importance on matching you with someone who has the same interests, likes and dislikes. Our cerebral palsy support workers are assisting people every day to live the lives they want, whether that’s supporting them at home, at work, through study, on holiday or through active social lives.

Our carers are renowned, not only for the first-rate training they receive, but also for their commitment to the people they support. If you’re looking for quality cerebral palsy care at home, contact us today to discuss the many options available.

Read more about what live in care covers here.

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David, who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, is studying for a PhD in Politics and International Relations at Swansea University. With the help of Michael, his Helping Hands live-in carer, he is successfully mixing study with everyday university life.

Jayne, David’s mum, said: “Thank you to all at Helping Hands for making my life a lot less stressful and much more relaxing. I feel like a real person with life choices.

“I can’t thank Michael and the stand in carers enough,” she added. “Dave seems so happy, content, even chilled! If I’d heard about Helping Hands 12 years ago I may even have had less grey hair and wrinkles than I’ve got now!”

David's story

Supporting a young adult through study and university life

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Daily support for people with cerebral palsy

There are a variety of types of cerebral palsy. We recognise that a cerebral palsy care plan for one customer isn’t going to be suitable for another customer – symptoms of medical conditions vary from person to person. For this reason, our home care is tailored specifically to the needs of the individual.

The existing routines and lifestyle of someone receiving support are sometimes forgotten about. However, with Helping Hands, we build our care around each of our customers. This enables our cerebral palsy support workers to meet the requirements of you or your loved one, by providing care that meets the high standards we set ourselves.

All of our carers are well-trained and experienced. When needed, they can step in to provide medical support with catheterisations, as well as convene, and stoma support. They can also provide help with a series of everyday tasks, from cooking and cleaning through to collecting prescriptions and assisting customers in getting to hospital appointments.

Verbal communication is sometimes an issue when caring for someone with cerebral palsy. So our carers will look towards other methods. We’ll find a communication form that suits the individual. Our cerebral palsy carers will also make adaptation suggestions about how to improve mobility around the home.

We work closely with individuals, their families, physiotherapists, care case managers, hospitals, GPs, speech therapists and other healthcare organisations to ensure the support we provide is suitable for each individual’s needs.

We understand that reaching out for cerebral palsy care isn’t easy at first, especially when caring for a young person with cerebral palsy. And the idea of welcoming someone new into the home can be daunting. But we’re here to walk you through each step of your care journey with us.

Our friendly team of advisors will explain all the options for cerebral palsy care with you and how we build a suitable, person-centred care plan together and match you with a support worker who suits your lifestyle and needs. Call us today to find out more.


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