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Cost of live-in care

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Crystal-clear pricing for a live-in carer at home

When looking at home care options, price is often a major consideration. Here we outline the cost of our live-in care package, how this relates to the price of a residential care home or visiting carer, and how live-in care is providing an extra lease of life to many of our customers.

How much does a live-in carer cost?

The cost of live-in care is dependent on the level of support you or your loved one requires.

We cover the full range of home care services available, so our costs are based on your precise needs and requirements, whether it’s providing companionship, personal care, help administering medication or support with more complex healthcare requirements.

Our prices for 24-hour support from a live-in carer start from:

  • £1,030 per week for a single person
  • £1,260 per week for a couple

Please call us today to get a quote for your specific care needs. One of our advisers will give you an estimate over the phone there and then. With us you can be guaranteed of no hidden extras or surprise costs later on.

The final price for your live-in care will be confirmed once your local care specialist has visited you in person to fully assess your needs.

We can also advise on the funding options that may be open to you, either from your local authority or through continuing healthcare funding with the NHS.

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Respite care costs

If your usual carer needs a break or has let you down, we can provide a carer on a temporary basis, sometimes called respite care.

Respite care is live-in care that is needed for a short period, and the prices start from £250 per day. This temporary support can be arranged for as little as three days, all the way up to four weeks of support.

If you need support for more than four weeks, our weekly prices for live-in care apply, which are outlined above.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to find more about respite care, and for a full quote.

Jacky's story: A new lease of life, with live-in care

Jacky was a fit and active police officer when she was diagnosed with motor neurone disease at 42 years old. She contacted Helping Hands to arrange for ongoing support, and after meeting her at home and fully assessing her needs, we matched her with Nora, one of our live-in carers.

“Live-in care really has given me my life back and a purpose,” Jacky explained.

“I was very depressed before Nora came, I had no interest in anything and was just existing day to day… it was easier, warmer and safer just to stay in bed. Now I have events to look forward to such as holidays and days out.”

Read Jacky's story

Comparing live-in care with the cost of a residential care home

It’s difficult to compare a residential care home with the huge value of one-to-one support in your own home. While there are more people on hand in a care home, our customers who’ve tried both say that it doesn’t compare with the personal assistance and continuous support of a live-in carer.

Residential care can cost up to £1,041 per week for a bed in a care home – more if nursing is required. Cost for live-in care from Helping Hands start from £1,030 per week. This means that live-in care fees can be particularly cost-effective as the individual gets to stay in their own home with one to one support.

Choosing care in your own home means you can keep your own routines, eat at your desired times, enjoy your usual activities and have family and friends close by to pop-in when they want. The other major benefit is avoiding the stress and upheaval of a big move, especially a move away from your family home.

Read more about the alternatives to care homes, or call us to find out more about the costs of live-in care. We’re here to take your call seven days a week.

Caring for couples at home

If you’re a couple investigating the costs of a residential care home, you may be surprised to hear that the cost of a live-in carer is dramatically less. In a care home you’re paying for two beds, while with live-in care you pay for one carer.

For a couple, residential care home prices can rise to £2,082 per week, based on the weekly cost of £1,041 per person. For a live-in carer for a couple, our prices are a fraction of that, starting from £1,260 per week.

Call our friendly team of care experts to have a chat through your options, or find out more about how we provide care for couples.

Support for couples

How much does traditional domiciliary care cost?

Recent independent research has highlighted the total costs involved when using a traditional domiciliary service, or a carer who visits you at home, showing how much the costs can grow when receiving a number of visits each day.

Based on an 80-year-old gentleman who was receiving domiciliary care in the Cambridgeshire area, the research revealed that the overall costs are much greater than the cost of a live-in carer.

The costs of traditional domiciliary care

Personal care three times a day£378 per day (average)

Provided by local companies seven days a week

Carer for attending local groups£353 per day (average)

Includes transport for attending day centres and fulfilling hobbies and interests

Food preparation£80 per week (average)
Access to one meal a day through meals on wheels
Transport to appointmentsup to £150 per journey (cost to the local government)
Physiotherapy at home£230 per day for a house call (cost to local authority)
Cleaning and household chores£10 per hour, averaging £30 per week
Cost of domiciliary careup to £1,221 per week
Cost of live-in carefrom £1,015 per week

It’s common for care needs to grow, and the costs can easily get out of hand. If you find that you’re suddenly arranging for more than one or two home care visits each day, it may be time to consider live-in care and the many extra benefits it provides.

Speak to our friendly team to find out more. They will talk you through how we go about matching you with a single carer who’s there to support at all hours of the day or night.

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Organising care for a vulnerable relative is daunting. Helping Hands were professional, friendly, and caring. They gave me peace of mind knowing that my aunt was being looked after responsibly and respectfully.

Karen, a live-in care customer

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Page reviewed by Jill Hopcraft, Regional Care Director on April 24, 2019

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